Wheelchair user creates ramps out of Lego to make places more accessible

Rita Ebel has used a wheelchair for more than 20 years after she was injured in a car accident.

Struggling with accessibility in her home town of Hanau, Germany, Rita decided to create her own ramps using Lego bricks.

She was inspired by another wheelchair user called Corina Huber, who had created a plan for a lego ramp.

Rita loved the idea so much, she created her own with the help of her husband and she says that it helps wheelchair users, people with walkers, prams and people with visual impairments.

Of course, wheelchair users shouldn’t have to build their own ramps but Rita said that these are useful, use recycled materials and raise awareness of the issue where she lives.

She uses donated bricks that are sent to her from all over Germany.

‘The ramps are a great help, but also an eye-catcher,” Ms Ebel told the Hanauer Anzeiger newspaper.

‘This is to draw attention to the fact that there are still many obstacles for wheelchair users that need to be removed.

‘You don’t think that at the beginning, but the ramps are super stable, can be made for different heights and have the advantage that they are mobile and have a good grip.’

She has been contacted by a tourism association in Spain and by school pupils in the United States who are interested in replicating the idea.

She created each one with the bricks and adds a special adhesive for stability.

‘Our campaign is picking up speed and rolling,’ she added. ‘It’s great to see how many people are interested in it and want to participate.

‘We are happy about every business that comes up to us and wants to have one of our ramps. We give the ramps free of charge to the stores, nobody wants to make a profit from the campaign.

‘Even if money is donated, we assume that we will buy Lego bricks.’

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