Need to balance guides development of limb-body coordination

The need to feel balanced drives the development of coordination between body and limbs as zebrafish larvae learn to swim, a new study finds. Published online October 8 in eLife, the study found that the developing fish rely on their vestibular organs—the equivalent of the human inner ear—as their sense of balance oversees improvements in […]

What’s your sense of purpose? The answer may affect your health

When you fill out a medical form listing your health history, vital statistics and test results, there probably isn’t a space for “sense of purpose.” Perhaps there should be. The term may be hard to quantify or define, but it can be a big factor in overall well-being, physical condition and even life expectancy. “In […]

Primary care appointment time impacts prescribing of opioids

(HealthDay)—Even within an individual physician’s schedule, physician behavior for opioid prescribing varies by the appointment timing, according to a study recently published online in JAMA Network Open. Hannah T. Neprash, Ph.D., from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, and Michael L. Barnett, M.D., from Harvard University in Boston, used data from electronic health record systems […]

Skin cancer prevention program may have reduced melanoma in Australians

A skin cancer prevention program called SunSmart may have contributed to a recent reduction in melanoma among younger residents of Melbourne, according to a study published October 8 in the open-access journal PLOS Medicine by Suzanne Dobbinson of Cancer Council Victoria in Australia, and colleagues. According to the authors, the findings may have substantial implications […]

Zantac is pulled from shelves in the UK

Zantac is pulled from shelves in the UK: Health officials recall the common heartburn drug over fears it contains a cancer-causing chemical GlaxoSmithKline said four different types of the medication would be recalled It’s feared pills contain NDMA, considered ‘probably carcinogenic’ to humans All four affected products are only available on prescription in UK, MHRA said  […]

Mother contracts a life-threatening blood infection from a TAMPON

Mother gets a rare blood infection from her TAMPON after deadly bacteria entered her bloodstream through microscopic cuts in her vagina Greta Zarate, 32, came down with flu-like symptoms in January as period started  Four days later she was rushed to hospital when her blood pressure plummeted Mother diagnosed with toxic shock syndrome which caused […]

Revealing sexual orientation at work improves well-being

Being open about your sexual orientation in the workplace is beneficial to your overall well-being, according to new research from Rice University. “Opening up about your sexuality at work is a very real fear for many LGBTQ+ Americans, no doubt due to the fact that individuals have been fired for coming out in the workplace,” […]

Electric fish of the catheter against the atrial fibrillation

The number of people suffering from heart rhythm disorders, has become in the past few years, getting bigger and bigger. The reason is the rising life expectancy. Technical innovations, such as in Germany, co-developed electric fish of the catheter, the therapy, therefore, becoming more and more important. In the case of many diseases, including cardiac […]