Watch This Guy Try to Play All 35 Olympic Sports in a Single Day

Runner and YouTuber Zach Levet has previously set himself physical challenges that push him to his limits, like the time he decided to run 1,000 miles over the course of three months. His most recent video is a different kind of fitness test, with some serious added novelty value. Accompanied by his friend Drew Carter, Zach hits the streets of Los Angeles to attempt as many different Olympic sports as possible on the same day.

“This is going to be catastrophic,” he says.

After ruffling a few feathers at the local skate park with his YouTuber antics, Zach completes the first sport of the day: skateboarding. Things go a little smoother when he and Drew play handball, and Drew recruits a guy at a nearby basketball court to play some one-on-one. They then spend two hours trying to find somewhere they can film the running portion of the video, eventually sneaking onto a high school track and getting in just one 100 meter sprint before being kicked out.

Having wasted the majority of the morning on just four events, Zach and Drew then try to rush through as many different sports as possible in what they call the “power hour”. This includes speed rounds of wrestling, weightlifting, swimming, surfing, and a series of gymnastics and calisthenics moves, followed by some quick bag work which helps them tick off boxing from the list.

They round off the day by hiring a couple of kayaks and taking them out onto the water for some not-quite-Olympic-standard rowing, and then have to make their peace with the fact that 34 events in a single day was probably too tall an order.

“We’re not accomplishing every single Olympic sport today,” says Zach. “But we did accomplish an amazing thing: 11 Olympic sports.”

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