Watch Eddie Hall Try to Break the World Record for Most Powerful Punch

Former World’s Strongest Man and Britain’s Strongest Man winner Eddie Hall has been leaning down considerably over the last year as part of his retraining as a boxer. One aspect of this process has involved working on his speed, explosiveness and mobility, in addition to his existing raw strength. In a new video on his YouTube channel, Hall puts his technique to the test, and measures his punching power using the PowerKube, a device whose units of measurement assess a variety of factors including force, speed and accuracy.

While a good heavyweight punch might register around 6o,000 to 70,000 on the PowerKube, Hall wants to aim higher. The current record for punching power, 129,161 units, is held by MMA fighter Francis Ngannou, who is also the reigning Heavyweight Champion in UFC. “That’s the hardest hit on the planet,” says Hall.

It takes Hall a while to get the hang of the machine, and his early attempts land around the 91,000 mark. Once he gets going, however, that soon climbs to 93,000, then 98,000, before clearing 100,000 and peaking at 113,999 units—not too far off Ngannou’s record-breaking punch.

“That was fun,” he says. “10 percent off the world’s hardest punch, that we know of… I think I can improve on that. I haven’t got the technique Francis has at all, it took me 5o, 60 shots to get me warmed up, get that swing and accuracy. So now I know what I’m doing, I think I can come back and probably smash that.”

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