Online Coaching for Diabetes supports the therapy

Type 2 Diabetes is a common metabolic disease in which lifestyle plays a big role: being Overweight, lack of exercise, Stress, alcohol, and nicotine consumption increase the risk significantly. In addition to drugs, the change of these factors is an essential part of Diabetes therapy – and for many Sufferers there is an almost insurmountable hurdle.

Drugs alone are not enough to treat type-2 Diabetes. First of all, the basic therapy for solely to improve blood sugar levels by Changes in life style. The success of the treatment lies mainly in the hands of the Affected. Often have solidified, however, the unfavorable lifestyle habits over the decades and are changing our own hard to come by.

Patient, and Online Coach to set individual goals

Here are the new offers support, help the patient to make the shift to a healthier way of life and to prevent the taking of medications or at least reduce it. Digital support programs rely on a mix of personal care provided by trained Diabetes Coaches, the use of appropriate measuring devices, the evaluation of the measurement results and – in the ideal case, – the involvement of the treating physician. It is more than knowledge or nutrition and exercise tips: The Coaching is based on measurable, medically-defined treatment goals, such as the important long-term blood sugar measurement value of HbA1c or Body Mass Index. Patient and Coach meet to this end, individual target agreements.


Thursday, the 14. November 2019 from 16 to 19 PM 0800 – 0 90 92 90

The call is out to all German networks free of charge.

Pilot projects show positive results

That a digital Diabetes-Coaching improves the health Situation of the participants, under the walls of the first results of pilot projects. In a by the German Institute for telemedicine and health promotion (DITG), in cooperation with AXA insurance, carried out the project, 300 patients were cared for over the course of a year under the scientific direction of the tele-medical. On average, the participants with type 2 Diabetes were 4.4 kilograms, your Body Mass Index improved by 1.4 points, the HbA1c value decreased by 0.88 percent, as the project’s management reports in the Doctors ‘ newspaper .

Expert advice on Diabetes and telemedicine

How does the digital support program? Who is offering a Diabetes Coaching? Who assumes the costs for the Coaching, and how safe is my data? These and other questions about the telemedicine support for Diabetes experts to answer on the free reader phone.

On the phone 0800 – 0 90 92 90

  • Gabriele Arendt Theling; Telemedical health coach, German Institute for telemedicine and health promotion, Düsseldorf
  • Dr. med. Karin Burk; Specialist doctor for General medicine / palliative care, Consultative specialist in health management, AXA, Cologne, Germany
  • Dr. med. Winfried Keuthage; Specialist in General medicine, diabetologist DDG, nutrition, physicians BDEM, focus of practice, for Diabetes and nutrition medicine, Münster
  • Katja Niedermeier; Specialist for General medicine, Diabetologist LĀK, Diabetologikum Duisburg
  • Dr. med. Hans-Martin Reuter; Specialist for Internal medicine, diabetologist DDG, nutritional medicine DGEM, Outpatient Medical center Jena, Germany – joint practice for Internal medicine – diabeto logical focus of practice
  • Manuela Ullrich; Telemedical health coach, German Institute for telemedicine and health promotion, Düsseldorf


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