How to cure a hangover post New Year’s Eve

With the year-end staring us smack dab in the face, you don't need a psychic to inform you that you'll be needing this article first thing in the crisp morning of 2020, post your cocktail/ wine/ whiskey/ whatever-you-love-fuelled party.

National Hangover Day is almost here. That’s right. New Year’s Eve is fun and all, but it’s the day after that we’re here to address. While New Year’s Day is only a few hours away, we also unofficially are dedicated to recognising that much of the world will wake up with nasty hangovers after ringing in the new year with plenty of alcoholic beverages.

Not a fan of the drilling headaches and nausea that your tryst with alcohol left behind? As it turns out, we aren’t either. Here we are, calling the big guns to tell you how to beat the dreaded hangover at its own game. Bookmark this page and thank us tonight as you ring the new year with whiskey on the rocks or your all-time favourite Cosmopolitan.

Hangover remedies for the morning

The key element to keep in mind is that when you wake up after a night of binge-drinking, your body is severely dehydrated and running low on its stock of vitamins and nutrients. Start out the day with the best of all the hangover remedies out there—by fixing yourself a glass of lemon juice with a dollop of honey instead of sugar. Once you start to feel a little alive, get yourself a bowl of water-based fruit (melons are your friends during this time) or a crisp slice of slightly burned toast—brown bread baked lightly with just a dash of olive oil to help you get your energy reserves up and take on the day.

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Hangover remedies for after you’ve actually woken up

A night full of alcohol and we can tell our stomach lining isn’t ready to forgive after a generous hand with the alcohol bottle, and the nausea hasn’t disappeared yet either. Maintain distance from the coffee and tea machine as it’ll just aggravate your insides further. Ditch your morning cuppa and sip on water during the day or fresh coconut water which can be taken directly as a fluid or as a smoothie whipped up using the cream inside the shell. You’ll also find that chia seeds soaked in warm water do wonders for your digestive system.

In fact, jaggery will come to your rescue too. Just munch on some with til (sesame) and dry ginger powder to help keep the headache at bay.

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Looks like barfi but is just jaggery. The winters bring not just the chills but also the harvest of sugarcane. This is also why from Tulsi puja (end of Diwali) to almost Holi it occupies the position of Prasad (an honour reserved for the harvest of the season and gratitude for the farmer). Cultural aspect aside, jaggery is celebrated across all regions. In UP, families and neighbours get together while the jaggery is being prepared and roll it into medium sized balls, like laddoos. This then makes it as a 11am snack when farmers take a break and it’s to be enjoyed with a glass of water. In Maharashtra, in Summers, when you have a guest over or kids are back after playing for long hours, it’s a practice to first bite into jaggery and then have water. While jaggery is known for its many benefits, i wonder if the Summer practice in Mah & farming practice in UP, indicate thermal-regulatory properties of jaggery. And in that case it will be a good meal to have if you are breaking into a sweat over nothing. But stories apart, have the jaggery for it can improve your skin, prevent dandruff & hair fall and give relief from bloating and constipation. Bhakri or roti with jaggery and ghee or peanuts with jaggery are the most non-fussy combos. But if you are in a mood for something more sophisticated, try this variant from UP. It’s fresh jaggery mixed with soonth (dry ginger powder), til and peanuts. You can cut it in shapes of your choice and if stored in an airtight container, has a long shelf life. And if you wake up sloppy, drunk and hung over on 1st, have one. How’s that for a free recommendation for a hangover? #Jaggery #gur #cultural #farm #uttarpradesh #maharashtra #hangover

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Hangover remedies at lunch

Rather than going for a heavy lunch, instead go for a plate of curd and rice to soothe your stomach. Sweet potato or khichdi will also help you get your nutrient supply up without aggravating your fragile appetite.

Also don’t give in to the myth of consuming more alcohol may make you temporarily forget your existing hangover, because the dehydration and digestive upheaval is just piling up in the meantime and will need to be ultimately faced. Unfortunately, the ‘hair of the dog’ philosophy doesn’t apply here. If you’re hoping to make the most of the party season and to actually live to tell the tale, plan ahead and stock up on your hangover remedies sooner rather than later.

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Here are these five tips for avoiding hangovers:

  • Eat before and while drinking. As alcohol is absorbed more quickly if your stomach is empty, it may help to eat something before drinking alcohol and during the time you’re drinking.
  • Choose carefully. Beverages with fewer congeners are slightly less likely to cause hangovers than beverages with more congeners, but remember that all types of alcohol can result in a hangover.
  • Sip water between drinks. Drinking a full glass of water after each alcoholic drink will help you stay hydrated. It’ll also help you drink less alcohol.
  • Know your limits and only drink in moderation. Decide ahead of time how many drinks you’ll have — and stick to it. Don’t feel pressured to drink.
  • Take it slow. Avoid having more than one alcoholic drink in an hour. Stop drinking completely when you’ve reached your limit (or before then).

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