Electric fish of the catheter against the atrial fibrillation

The number of people suffering from heart rhythm disorders, has become in the past few years, getting bigger and bigger. The reason is the rising life expectancy. Technical innovations, such as in Germany, co-developed electric fish of the catheter, the therapy, therefore, becoming more and more important.

In the case of many diseases, including cardiac rhythm disorders, has procedures, a minimally invasive catheter ablation, in the meantime, in addition to the administration of medications as a treatment option established. The use of the electric fish of the catheter during such an engagement promises additional benefits for the patients.

In the case of the newly developed technology, doctors have taken the skills of the elephant’s trunk fish, for example: The one on the African continent encountered, nocturnal animal in the dark water with the help of electric currents. In a similar way, the electric fish catheter works: the tip of the catheter around the electrodes generate an electric field for detection. "In practice, this is reminiscent of a radar system or a Parking aid – just within the heart, defective heart muscle to track down cells and to veröden", Professor Dr. Reza Wakili, a senior physician explained to the West German heart and vascular centre of the University hospital in Essen.

In 2015, two American engineers had launched the technology in search of a new environment-diagnostics attached. Almost three years later, the electric fish of the catheter received approval in Europe. Using the new method, the movement of the heart can be modeled precisely during the treatment. Thus, it is possible to bring the catheter to the right place. Since the muscle cells have, in comparison to fluids with a high electrical resistance, are used to assess whether the catheter is completely surrounded by tissue and how tightly the tip of the desertification of instruments already on the Site suppressed. Here, in the past, the risk of perforating the heart wall with too much force.

At the Essen University hospital since the introduction of approximately 200 patients have been successfully treated with the electric fish of the catheter.


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