Cry for help by a clinic employee in Wuhan: Significantly more Sick and Dead than known

Deutsche Welle: How do you see the risk of contagion in Wuhan?

Jiesi Luo (Name changed): patients with symptoms often have to wait hours until you can be examined. The Doctors prescribe medications and send people back home with the note that you to stay away from other people. The waiting rooms are full with people who cough. Even in a healthy person, who is a long time in such an environment, the risk of Contracting the disease.

The route to the nearest hospital is often long. If you have no private car, you can travel only by Taxi and each of the settlement are a maximum of two Taxis. Just some of the Volunteers drive sick persons. The emergency call 120 is collapsed due to the onslaught. Who has bad luck, must go on foot. Some of it didn’t manage to get to the hospital.

How is the supply of products to protect against infection?

Mouth guard and disinfectants are sold out. They are also available in hospitals are very scarce. Meanwhile, many donations have arrived in Wuhan.

But it is the default for the Doctors in the hospital to change every four hours, the face mask and all six hours of the protective clothing can not be met.

You have doubt as to the Numbers of infections and deaths?

I think that there are significantly more infections and Deaths than the public is. Even if by the usual computed tomography of pulmonary disease is found, does not always follow the necessary procedures in order to get certainty about the causative agent.


Because the queue is too long. Who has not taken the Test but, and dies, is not included in the statistics of deaths due to the Corona Virus.

Two new hospitals are opening soon. This is good news.

2000 beds in two newly built hospitals are not enough, however. There is a lack of medical staff. The Doctors and nurses are overloaded, shift schedules work.

To cure a lung disease, is a long in-patient treatment is necessary. The authorities mobilize currently recording capacity in smaller clinics.

Jiesi Luo (Name changed) is a medical technician in a hospital in Wuhan.

The interview was conducted by William Yang

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