WHO is calling due to Virus in China is not an international emergency

Due to infection with the novel Coronavirus have now died in China as early as 18 people. Apparently, the Virus to 2019-nCoV spreads faster than previously thought. The WHO calls nevertheless no distress.

  • The novel Coronavirus is spreading in China more
  • Also from other countries, individual cases are already known
  • 18 people died so far due to the Virus
  • The WHO has, however, for the time being, no "public health emergency of international Tragweite" proclaimed

The world health organization (WHO) has, in spite of the rapid spread of a new respiratory disease in China for the time being, no "public health emergency of international Tragweite" proclaimed. A panel of experts that advises the WHO, saw this on Thursday any reason for it."Unique in the recent Geschichte" China sets million-cities under quarantine

The number of confirmed cases of the lung disease in China has risen from a minimum of 620 to 644. This was reported by the Chinese newspaper "Global Times" on the Thursday evening. The number of deaths increased from 17 to 18. One Patient died thus on Wednesday in the Northern province of Hebei. It was the first death is outside the province of Hubei, in the hard-hit metropolis of Wuhan is located.

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