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Lockdown: How post-traumatic stress disorders in children can be prevented?

Children can develop in quarantine times during the COVID-19-pandemic quickly various Fears, and even post-traumatic stress disorder. How can we protect our children and post-traumatic stress disorder be prevented?

A recent report on the subject of COVID-19 stresses that children in these times of Corona should be specially designed prior to the emergence of post-traumatic stress disorder protected. The results were summarized in the English journal “The Open Pediatric Medicine Journal”.

Insulation protects us from COVID-19

COVID-19 is a pandemic disease that has forced us to impose restrictive measures in order to prevent their further spread. These measures are urgently necessary in order to protect the health of adults, children and people with pre-existing conditions.

What is typically a post-traumatic stress disorder

A post-traumatic stress disorder develops as a result of one or more physical or psychological traumatic events, such as, for example, the load due to natural disasters, wars, traffic accidents, robberies, diseases with a poor prognosis, grief, physical and sexual abuse, abuse in Childhood, and many other reasons.

Habits of life in COVID-19-times, may favor stress disorder

The post-traumatic stress disorder can also develop as a result of changes in the life habits as a result of the COVID-19-epidemic. The long period of quarantine may contribute to an increase in General Anxiety, fear of contagion, and even post-traumatic stress disorder. Therefore, it is important to speak openly and honestly with children about existing Fears and problems.

You explain to children the reasons for the Isolation

The child should be explained that it must be isolated from other people, in order to avoid contact with the Virus until an effective medication, a vaccine, or comparable therapies are available.

What can make children during the Isolation?

Children usually have no Problem to stay at home. You spend your time there, for example, with Games, television, and conversations with other family members. In some cases where the restrictive measures are not too strict, it can also be played.

Problems due to long periods of Isolation

In such cases, it is important to structure the daily routine of the children and to discuss any existing Fears, to calm the children. Due to previous experiences in dealing with measures of quarantine, the researchers report that long time of Isolation rooms lead to psychological symptoms such as emotional disorders, depression, Stress, mood disorders, irritability, and insomnia can.

You teach your children about the COVID-19-crisis

Children in need of special support in these difficult times of COVID-19. Therefore, it is particularly important to explain to children why measures of quarantine are necessary, what happens after the COVID-19 pandemic and how this possibly traumatic event can handle. (as)