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At least 28,000 of missing deaths in the statistics

An analysis revealed that in the eleven countries studied, at least 28,000 people in the last month, died when the statistics was recorded. In light of these cases, a so-called excess mortality is shown in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the studied countries of Spain, England, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Turkey, for example.

The New York Times reported that in March 2020, at least 28,000 people died, as so far in the statistics recorded. The newspaper published the mortality data from 11 countries and shows a clear, if still incomplete picture of the previously noted effects of the Corona-crisis.

Excess mortality is not correct is shown

Analysts of the New York Times showed that the global effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, statistics is currently not correct in the standard Mortality to reflect. The data are due to the pandemic is not reliable. This is the discovered discrepancy between the official COVID-19-declare the death figures and the actual total of deaths increase in cases. In some countries and cities, the so-called will now, excess mortality is particularly evident, as the following table shows (source New York Times date: 22.04.2020):

  • Spain: death total: some 19,700; COVID-19-deaths: 12.401; Excess mortality: 66%
  • France: death, total: 14.500; COVID-19-deaths: 8.059; Excess mortality: 32%
  • England: death total: 16.700; COVID-19-deaths: 10.335; Excess mortality: 33%
  • New York: the death totals: 17.200; COVID-19-deaths: 13.240; Excess mortality: 298%
  • Netherlands: death total: 4.000; COVID-19-deaths: 2.166; Excess mortality: 33%
  • Switzerland: death total: 1.000; COVID-19-deaths: 712; Excess mortality: 21%
  • Istanbul: the death total: 2.100; COVID-19-deaths: 1.006; Excess mortality: 29%

Excess mortality, all causes of death includes causes

The New York Times stresses that there are cases where the non-recorded death not forced to COVID-19-must be Dead. All other causes of death are included in these Figures. The unclear picture is to be inferred from the fact that the majority of countries report only Covid-19-deaths, but the number of deaths.

Compared with the flu with a limp

During flu epidemics, also is not each counted flu-related death in the laboratory confirmed. Here is attributed to the excess mortality in the period of the flu season of epidemic.

Overall, the published Figures speak against the idea that many people would have died soon even without the Virus. According to the New York Times twice as many people as usual, and much more than at the peak of a flu season to die is currently in Paris, for example. In New York City, the number is now four times as high as usual.

The reported Numbers are grossly underestimated

“Which number is also reported on a certain day, it will be a rough estimate,” stresses Tim reefs from the Max-Planck-Institute for demographic research in Germany, told the New York Times. There are some places where the pandemic is already running long and intensive enough to allow for late Death registrations with, so that slowly a clearer picture emerges of how high the mortality rate is really so reefs.

Late response is associated with particularly significant extent

The analysis also showed a significant difference between the countries that have early responded to the pandemic, and the countries that have taken no action. Istanbul recorded, for example, from the 9. March to 12. April, about twice as many deaths as expected ( of 2,100 above the average). This alone are double the cases of so many deaths, as the government as COVID-19-reported Deaths in this period.

It is interesting to note in this connection that the increase in deaths was in mid-March. This suggests that many of the deceased were infected, and already in February – several weeks before the Turkey has recognized the first COVID-19-case.

Delays in death notifications

In some countries, such as Belgium and France, the authorities are working, deaths in connection with COVID-19, which occur outside of hospitals, in their daily reports to include. Other authorities, such as the British Office for National Statistics began to publish mortality data after the processing of death certificates to identify those with Covid-19 in connection. This is a more accurate representation of the mortality returns, as the Public Health England Figures published, however, the data is delayed by approximately two weeks.

It is usually that mortality data are published with a delay. Due to the urgency of the current Situation, many authorities, but aim to provide more comprehensive and timely information. The data are according to the New York Times, nevertheless, limited and underestimated, since not all deaths were reported.

First differences in EuroMomo visible

The first deviations from the normal mortality patterns are now also seen in the “European Mortality Monitoring Project” (EuroMomo) to. The project shows the weekly mortality data from 24 European countries. Shown here the development is subject to a delay, which led to a lot of people wondered about the fact that the General mortality rate increases.

“At this stage, it is a partial snapshot,” says Patrick Gerland, a demographer at the United Nations. It was a point of view on the Problem, that the current Situation from the point of view of a hospital-based system reflects. In the next few months will change this, however, and a clearer picture will be possible, underlines Gerland told the New York Times.

It could have been worse

“Today, the growth of the overall mortality takes place under conditions of extraordinary measures, such as social distancing, closure, closed borders and increased medical care, at least some of which have a positive effect,” adds Vladimir Shkolnikov of the Max-Planck-Institute for demographic research. It is very likely that without these measures, the death toll would be even higher. (vb)