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Tips for nutrition during the corona crisis

In times of social isolation and home quarantine has changed for many people the diet. Restaurants have closed, many of the people who were supplied through canteens, are now working in the home office, school children, the lunch they got at school, are now at home. This presents new challenges to the daily diet. A nutrition specialist gives tips.

Debra Silverman is a dietitian at the prestigious Mayo clinic in the USA. In a recently published article by the nutrition expert gives tips for good nutrition in the Corona-crisis – in particular, if you are not allowed to leave 14 days in the house.

First, brainstorm a list of

First of all, as Silverman, you should create a list of what items are required. “Now is the time, the pantry, the refrigerator and the freezer to check the rest and create a list with what you need”, explains the dietician.

Think of the family and a new Routine

“Perhaps you now have children, eat at home for lunch, so you might want to have additional food, which can be, for example, make Sandwiches,” says Silverman. Also flour and sugar for baking projects with the children can provide in home Isolation for a change.

You pull durable options

In addition to dairy products, and fresh products you should not forget also durable Alternatives, and deep-frozen products. “You can buy, for example, protein is also Packed and ready,” advises Silverman. This would be a much longer period of time to use. The same count for camp feasts Were like long-life milk, frozen or canned pre-packaged fruit and vegetables.


Silverman recalls that certain foods can also be found in the freezer kept. “If you find ripe berries in the Store, you can freeze this for later use,” says the nutrition expert. Also, bananas were easy to freeze and, later, protein Smoothies rich use. Freezer bags should be also on the shopping list. Beef and chicken meat can be stored in the freezer for about four months. Fish, cheese, and bread can be frozen, according to Silverman is also good.

Before Freezing, you should make sure that the place you prepared for Freezing, is well cleaned to avoid contamination in the food.

Hamster purchases avoid

“The most Important thing is not,” says Silverman, “you buy too much, and your Routine will be maintained. You limit yourself to things that you use typically, that you know that you can consume within two weeks.“ (vb)

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