Coronavirus in Hamburg: What is closed and what are the limitations

For the first time a person from the consequences of infection with the novel Coronavirus is in Hamburg died. If it were a resident of a seniors residence, said a spokesman for the health authority on Monday.

The man had already died on Friday and have now been found in investigations posthumously, the Virus. Previously, the &quot had;Bild"-Newspaper reported.

In the fight against the Coronavirus is from the new restrictions in the public life of the people in Hamburg. At FOCUS Online, you learn the most Important aspects to the current measures.

Schools and nurseries

According to a General decree of the health authority is to remain in schools and daycare centers after the end of the holidays for at least two weeks to up to 29. March closed.

The teachers are expected to provide, according to the school authority during this time, learning opportunities for the students at home. In addition, you will communicate via E-Mail, phone, or other digital channels on a regular basis with their students.

There is emergency care?

  • All school heads are encouraged to organize together with the teachers and the pedagogical staff of the school, an emergency care from 8 to 16 o’clock. For the time being, all of the parents, the need for family reasons to take this emergency care in the claim. It applies to children up to 14 years, as well as for the small group of older young people with special special educational needs.

  • The education authority appealed to parents to send their children only in emergencies, to school.

How is it with final exams and the graduation?

  • The final exams, especially the high school, not to compromise, instead of find all the tests as planned. In addition to security, other post-grater dates will be offered. The crisis staff of the school authority will clarify in cooperation with the schools in the next few days, the open questions and the school management and the parents daily via the Homepage of the school authority to inform.

How is the Situation for teachers?

  • For teachers service obligation is to continue. You start on Monday to schedule your service in the school. There are chains of reliable digital and media Information and information systems to each other and to their students at home to build and these learning opportunities, and learning contracts for the next few days forward. The school lines be resolved in the next three days due to the utilization of care services, which and how many teachers and educators in order to maintain the support work services in the schools and what and how many teachers and educators the Home Office can make. The aim is that as many of the school Employees to work at home.

Corona Hotlines in Hamburg

  • Because of the changed Situation was a “Hotline” for Hamburg, this is under the number 428 284 000 to reach.
  • Under 116117 is the doctor of the physicians ‘ Association to reach. He advises on a specific infection is suspected, telephone and mediated, if necessary, in the supply. In cooperation with the physicians Association of Hamburg is trying to expand the capacity.
  • The health authority informs on its Website about current events and decisions in Hamburg.


  • All of the developments to the Coronavirus you read in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online .

Universities and universities of applied Sciences

The beginning of the semester at the universities and colleges in Hamburg is first on the 20. April moved. Of the if necessary. ongoing Research is also suspended. The state and University library (SUB) remains on until the 20. April.

Clubs, cultural and sports facilities closed

In addition, further restrictions to come on all Hamburg residents. After the theatre, concert halls, museums and libraries closed , or announced its rule to cease operations, are now also Clubs, Bars, Casinos, brothels, fitness center, youth and community centres, as well as all the sports facilities to be affected.

With the on Sunday adopted General "all public and non-public events and meetings are, in principle, independent of the number of participants untersagt", the Senate informed. So far, events with up to 1000 participants were in Hamburg, admitted.

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  • Also the operation of Restaurants limited

    Also, the operation of Restaurants is limited. "Restaurants may only open when between the tables, a distance of at least 1.50 metres is maintained." Weekly open-air markets but also in the future.

    Excluded from the prohibition are private events with up to 100 people such as weddings. "It is strongly recommended that these private events to cancel or postpone."

    Return wave from high-risk areas, With more infections expected

    Meanwhile, were confirmed on Sunday, 38 new infections. Thus, the total number of infections rose in the Hanseatic city on 196. "Because of the current return wave from high-risk areas, as well as from Switzerland and Austria, we expect to see in the coming days, a significant increase in the Fallzahlen", it was called. So far, all the cases are still identifiable and, in principle, traceable.

    The new measures were necessary, in order to reduce the risk of infecting themselves or others with the Coronavirus, said mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) in the evening via Twitter-spread Video message. "I ask all Hamburg residents to take the orders of the authorities seriously." In this particular situation all are called to act responsibly. "Everyone can afford in the interest of the common good, a contribution to this."

    The Senate wool "a breakwater to ensure that the infection wave occurs so that it is not, large parts of the population at the same time erkranken", health Senator Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks (SPD) said.

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