Corona-crisis: Can protect the dietary supplements against the corona virus? Naturopathy Naturopathy Specialist Portal

NEM against Corona? You prefer to rely on tried and tested methods!

Currently, there are no reliable drugs against COVID-19-diseases, which are caused by the new Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Also the effect of other agents, particularly dietary supplements, is not used. However, some providers take advantage of the Situation and to price their products as helpful for prevention.

The consumer protection Agency of North Rhine-Westphalia warns of dubious providers of nutritional supplements and other substances that are supposed to protect against SARS-CoV-2. “There is no food Supplement that can prevent illness with the novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)” writes the Central. Similarly, a dietary Supplement, the treatment of COVID-19-serve diseases. There are currently no studies or evidence to suggest that the effectiveness of certain supplements.

Behind the promise of financial interests

Behind the receipt of such funds, the desire to actively do something, according to the consumer often to protect themselves. This Washed are increasingly making use of providers of dietary supplements and not to thick your products proven effects. What began in the English-speaking world, spills over continuously to Germany.

Is that even allowed?

Food supplements are not medicines, but are led in Germany as a food. They are intended in a legal sense, therefore, neither prevention nor treatment of diseases. You need to undergo no clinical trials or large Checks. Only a direct health-related advertising is prohibited.

So far, there is no evidence

For example, are currently being circulated on the Internet rumors, that a dietary Supplement with green tea (Epigallocatechinagallat EGCG), Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea), Cistus (rockrose herb), Propolis, nasturtium, or Black currant (leaf buds) have a protective effect against the new Coronavirus. In addition, dietary supplements containing turmeric and cinnamon is recommended in this context. The consumer protection centre stresses that there is no scientific evidence.

Dangerous Recommendations

In the best case, the tips are well-intentioned – and some of them can be dangerous. So the recommendation for the intake of MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) or CDL (chlorine dioxide that is circulating called the solution), to protect against corona virus. This is a disinfectant that, normally, for the bleaching of textiles is used. Of a taking is strongly discouraged. Similar nonsense is, according to the consumer, the intake of arsenic conservationists in homeopathic doses.

Keep your immune system fit

At best, the immune system is by eating a balanced diet combined with adequate exercise, strengthen. For many plant materials, and micro-nutrients, there is evidence to suggest that they have a positive effect on the immune system. This should, however, be best absorbed by the food. In addition, the principle should apply: a Lot helps a lot.

Vitamins help the immune system

It is considered to be scientifically proven that vitamins strengthen the overall function of the immune system. Especially important is Vitamin D, Vitamin C, folate, B12, B6, and Vitamin A. for this reason, the manufacturers of dietary supplements also advertise with this principle here. “This is not to say, however, that you would have to take very large amounts or high doses of supplements to themselves,” warns the consumer protection office.

These minerals strengthen the immune system

As well as proven is, that minerals such as selenium, zinc, iron and copper are important for the normal function of the immune system. So it has mainly a negative impact, if there is a deficiency of these minerals exists. However, an Overdose can be harmful, and the control circuits in the body, mess, warn consumer advocates.

Medicinal Mushroom Cordyceps

Some studies demonstrated that the medicinal mushroom Cordyceps has immune-strengthening effect. The studies, however, uses a special mushroom preparation. Hence, it can not derive that any Supplement has with Cordyceps, a promoting effect on the immune system.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

Also Cannabidiol (CBD) is frequently to protect against SARS-CoV-2 is recommended. The manufacturers argue that the CBD enhances the Endocannabinoid system, which is part of the immune system. There are, according to the consumer rights protection centre currently has no scientific evidence.

These tips are proven to help moderation

Instead of hearing the not proven tips from providers of supplements, behind which, above all, financial interests are, there are plenty of measures you can take to protection and promotion of the immune system, such as:

  • Movement: Go Outdoors for a walk, let the sun on your skin. So you get exercise and Vitamin D for free.
  • Diet: fruits and vegetables are excellent suppliers of numerous vitamins and minerals.
  • Mucous membranes moist: Air regularly, and drink plenty of water or unsweetened teas to the mucous membranes moist to keep. Because parched mucous membranes serve as gateways for viruses.
  • Sleep: sufficient sleep times (an average of seven to nine hours), your immune system fit to keep.
  • Hygiene: body and food hygiene reduces the number of invading viruses.