Number of lung disease rises to approximately 2000

The number of cases of illness associated with the consumption of E-cigarettes is on the rise in the United States. As the US-American health authority, said the CDC, are now 2051 people of the lung disease. The number of deaths rose accordingly to 39.

A week ago, the CDC had reports of 37 dead and in 1888, ill. The cause of the lung damage is not resolved according to the CDC, still. Recently, there had been indications that THC products could also play a role. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is in Cannabis, and is mainly used for the intoxicating effect of the drug responsible.

Around 70 percent of the patients are reported to be male, and the average age of the Patients is 24 years. The CDC recommends not to buy E-cigarettes from street vendors, especially if they contain THC. Furthermore, it is recommended that users of the Liquids no substances admix, which are not provided by the manufacturer.

Juul takes a mint flavor from the market

In Europe, as yet, no similar increase in lung damage known. The complaints seem to be limited to users in North America.

In Germany, ingredients for E are regulated-cigarettes is significantly more stringent than in the United States. The tobacco law stipulates that “in the manufacture of the liquid to be evaporated except for nicotine, only ingredients are used in heated and non-heated Form, there is no risk to human health.”

The controversial manufacturer Juul Labs had already stopped in October, the sale of flavoured E-cigarettes with fruit taste in the United States. Now, Juul announced to take the cartridges with mint flavor from the market.

Juul was mainly due to the offensive Social Media marketing of its products to younger target groups in the criticism. A court had banned the E-cigarette manufacturer recently, new cartridges deliver, as the electronic waste to a missing Symbol.

President Donald Trump had already announced to ban the sale of flavored e-Liquids in the United States, and the use of E-cigarettes as a “big Problem” referred to. Above all, the increasing consumption of Minors should be curbed as a result. As the first U.S. state, Massachusetts, had banned the sale of E-cigarettes.

In Germany, more and more teenagers and young adults E-cigarettes to try, how a survey showed on behalf of the German cancer research center (DKFZ). Between 2014 and 2018, the proportion of 16 – to 29-Year-old, who would have ever pulled the evaporator have doubled, from 11 to 20 percent almost.

Traditional cigarette Smoking is according to recent studies, is still more harmful than the consumption of E-cigarettes. Tobacco Smoking affects, for example, harmful effects on the cardiovascular System. Many smokers have therefore moved to E-cigarettes, or a combination of both, what diseases the risk for a result of the current state of knowledge found to be significantly reduced. However, there are also many newcomers (Why E-cigarettes, at least in Germany, the lesser of two Evils are, read this comment).