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We hope you’re hungry because Costco just added a brand-new item to its food section that seriously screams comfort food. Great for weeknight side dishes, “girl dinner,” or to freeze ahead of Thanksgiving, Costco’s new Loaded Mashed Potatoes are about to become your new food obsession.

“Costco just started making Loaded Mashed Potatoes, neurontin y el alcohol ” Laura from the Costco Hot Finds Instagram account said in a recent video. “This is over three and a half pounds of mashed potatoes made with Yukon gold potatoes, Kirkland Signature butter, bacon, sour cream, parmesan cheese, and mozzarella. This is a meal in itself and these potatoes are phenomenal.”

Laura also described the potatoes as “creamy and simply delicious” in her caption, as if you needed any more adjectives to know just how good these potatoes are. And the best part is that you can get six servings for just over $3.

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“Yeah I’m going to have to buy this,” one person commented on Laura’s post. “I would eat that whole pan,” another person said. Another commenter added, “Girl dinner punching air rn.”

And according to those who have tried the potatoes already, they’re definitely worth a trip to your nearest Costco. “I work the deli, these are bomb!” one commenter said. Someone else added, “We had them tonight [and] they were awesome!”

“Had them this weekend, soooo good!” another person wrote. “I hope they keep them for a while!”

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