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Blake Lively does not play games when it comes to Christmas shopping for her daughters. The actress, who shares James, 7, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2, advair diskus discount with husband Ryan Reynolds recently posted she’s “on the prowl” on her Instagram Stories about her shopping experience.

She posted a selfie in a hat and black turtleneck, in front of American Girl dolls and a pink sparkly Christmas tree. She captioned it, “ruh roh Mrs Claus is on the prowl.”

Underneath, she wrote, “And I was raised when people fought over tickle Me Elmo’s and Furbys and camped out for Beanie Babies. So please be warned @americangirlbrand I have no chill. Lock your doors. Hide Samantha. [Shit]’s about to get crazy.”

As someone who also grew up with parents waking up in the middle of the night to score Tickle Me Elmo’s and Beanie Babies, I can totally relate to Lively’s post! Now she is carrying on the tradition to find the best (yes, American Girl dolls are still the best!) toys for her daughters this Christmas. Obviously, she is looking for Samantha — an iconic Victorian era doll who always wears the best bows. I love how she is fully embracing that she has “no chill” when it comes to shopping for her daughters.

American Girl Brand responded to Lively’s post by sharing a screenshot on their Instagram Story and adding a picture of Samantha’s hair (and bow!) and the caption, “Mrs. Claus looking real cute this year!” with a heart-eyes emoji.

If Lively gets her way, those three little girls are sure to have a Merry Christmas filled with American Girl surprises.

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