society of hospital medicine interactive design

Effective patient engagement strategies – using multi-modal approaches including images, video animation, phone call, etc. – are critical to building a more effective clinical decision support plan. Providers can develop better care paths using this valuable information – not just from the key data patients can bring to the equation but by fostering a more robust and trusting relationship between care teams and patients.

 An engaged patient, approached with inclusionary voices and images tailored to them, is a key component of health equity. Providers will be more informed and make better when kept in the loop about their patients’ unique needs and social determinants of health. They’ll be more confident that the data in their health record is accurate, and more secure that their patients adhere to treatment plans, medication adherence and more. Most importantly, patient engagement helps ensure that clinical decisions are made together, and shared decision-making helps set the conditions for better health outcomes. 

 In this podcast, where to buy generic unisom au no prescription we’ll learn about how to help patients be more engaged with their care and offer real-time feedback to clinicians. We’ll discuss effective patient portal design, incorporating patient-generated data into CDS analytics and clinical workflows – and offer general perspective on how involving patients in their own care can make them active participants in the health decisions that most affect them.

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