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Planning a wedding is stressful AF, and these big-ticket events can bring out the worst in people. But that is no excuse to ostracize a disabled guest, especially when they’re about to become a family member. Take it from this wheelchair-using Redditor, whose future sister-in-law got mad at her when she pointed out that their reception venue wasn’t accessible.

User @DepartureOld6400 posted in the infamous /AmITheAsshole Subreddit for some unbiased insight into the whole debacle. For context, she (25F) is a bridesmaid to her older brother’s fiancée (30F). She likes her SIL just fine, but they aren’t particularly close.

“I of course agreed [to be a bridesmaid], and I was even fine with her putting me in whatever style she wanted so long as it didn’t involve me cutting/dyeing my hair,” she wrote. “It’s not my day. I can suck up an ugly dress and act like it’s gorgeous if that makes her happy.”

Unfortunately, one issue did arise: @DepartureOld6400’s accessibility needs. She is disabled and uses a wheelchair, lorazepam 1 mg n2 which her SIL is well aware of.

Although @DepartureOld6400 knows the wedding venue is accessible, she wasn’t sure about the space where the reception is being held. To cover her bases, she ended up asking the bride, who admitted she didn’t know.

When @DepartureOld6400 researched the reception venue independently, her heart sank: “It is an old building — not accessible at all for me, and no bathrooms I could feasibly use, either.” And when she confronted the bride about this, she “got very upset, saying my brother had told her that he’d cover the cost and she should just pick whatever she loved and that she loved this [venue].”

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