The latest Figures from the provinces: Only 630 new Corona cases in Germany

The Coronavirus pandemic keeps Germany and the world in suspense: around the World, more than three million people with the new Virus-causative agent of Sars-CoV have already-2 164.095 infected in Germany. All messages to the Corona-crisis and the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus, you can find in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

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Pay on Monday: 164.095 Corona-Infected in Germany, 6804 deaths

The number of Corona-Infected in Germany rose on Monday on 164.095 people. The are 630 more in comparison to the previous day. The number of deaths in the country increased to a total of 6804. On Sunday, there were 6729 75 less.

The number of Healed people is, according to the RKI with 132.700 more than 2,000 people over on Sunday reported. The reproduction number increased by 0.02 0.76.

Here you will find the currently reported Figures by the health ministries of the countries.

  • Baden-Württemberg: 32.457 (1453 Deaths)
  • Bavaria: 43.407 (1950 Deaths)
  • Berlin: 6036 (154 Deaths)
  • Brandenburg: 2999 (151 Deaths)
  • Bremen: 894 (32 Deaths)
  • Hamburg: 4843 (167 Deaths)
  • Hesse: 8541 (372 Deaths)
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: 702 (19 Deaths)
  • Lower Saxony: 10.425 (468 Deaths)
  • North Rhine-Westphalia: 33.545 (1290 Deaths)
  • Rhineland-Palatinate: 6152 (181 Deaths)
  • Saarland: 2602 (141 Deaths)
  • Saxony: 4749 (169 Deaths)
  • Saxony-Anhalt: 1587 (46 Deaths)
  • Schleswig-Holstein: 2783 (113 Deaths)
  • Thuringia: 2364 (97 Deaths)

Total: Version 04.05., 20.53 PM, 164.095 (6804 Deaths)

The Day Before: The State 03.05., 18.51 PM, 163.465 (6729 Deaths)

Source to be Infected – and death-figures: country health and social ministries.

The number of Healed, according to the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, at around 132.700

Currently, the RKI reported reproduction number: 0,76 (as of 04.05.)

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