Researchers find key to heavy Covid-19-the course – this could change therapy

Researchers have found that Sars-CoV-2 affects blood vessels in addition to the lungs, especially the blood – and therefore dangerous inflammation of the sets of reactions in the body. The finding may change the symptoms, the treatment of Corona.

Sars-Cov-2 “affects, in contrast to the influenza virus, mainly in blood vascular structures (endothelial cells) and leads to an increased inflammatory response, comparable to that of a rejection reaction after an organ transplantation,” concludes the team of researchers in an international study of the University hospitals of Wuppertal, Harvard, Basel, Leuven and Hannover your results. The scientists published on Friday in the prestigious journal “New England Journal of Medicine”.

Thus, the Team has declared that “for the first time, the pronounced and large-scale damage to the blood vessels to show, which reduce the blood supply to the Endorganen such as lung, heart, kidney, or brain,” study author Maximilian Ackermann from the Institute for pathology and molecular pathology at Helios University hospital Wuppertal, Germany.

The scientists adopt as a cause for the observed complications in Covid-19-patients. Specifically, there is the so-called micro-emboli, i.e., the smallest vascular occlusions that prevent a sufficient supply of organs with blood. University of Witten/Herdecke/NEJM

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Respiratory failure in Corona “largely to vascular damage due to”

Particularly in the lungs, an intact vascular system is crucial for maintaining the oxygen uptake, since about 80 percent of the lung tissue consists of the smallest blood vessels, the authors. “The smallest damage and restrictions in blood flow can therefore result in the shortest possible time to life-threatening consequences.”

Furthermore, the scientists of the University of Witten/herd could represent a corner that for the first time that the disruption of blood flow a special Form of blood vessel formation is initiated, a so-called intussuszeptive angiogenesis. You can increase the inflammatory response in the body in addition.

“This is the first described mechanism of blood vessel formation and inflammation in Covid-19 is for the severity of the disease and demonstrated that a lung failure at Covid-19 is largely due to the vascular damage,” says Hans Michael Kvasnicka, Director of the Institute for pathology and molecular pathology at Helios University hospital Wuppertal, Germany, and holder of the chair of pathology at the University of Witten/Herdecke.

In the framework of the course international studies this group of researchers will investigated this mechanism currently to other organs of Covid-19 patients.

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Study new therapy approach conceivable

On the basis of the research results could also result in new approaches for the treatment of the disease complications, the scientists predict. “We see Covid-19 now, less than a sole lung disease, to the extent that the observed restriction of blood flow and blood vessel formation in the future, a new target of therapeutic measures,” added Kvasnicka. The containment of the inflammatory cascades in the organism could stand in the foreground.

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  • The Coronavirus affects not only the lungs, but several organs in the human body, to this conclusion came at the beginning of the week, a study by the University hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf.

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    Corona is a “multi-organ virus, which affects numerous organs”

    “The novel Coronavirus is not a pure respiratory virus,” according to the scientists there. Previously, she had the body of 27 Covid-19 deceased patients studied and Corona pathogen in their lungs, throat, heart, and liver, as well as in the brain and in the kidneys of the dead demonstrated.

    Sars-CoV-2 was therefore a “multi-organ virus, which affects numerous organs”. The Hamburg physicians to see a possible explanation for the sometimes wide spectrum of symptoms, the infection is seen at Covid-19 -. Whether changes to the findings of the studies for the treatment of patients who are severely ill Corona means patients in the future, is so far unclear.


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