Researchers find Corona-the early warning system and can say local outbreaks before

For the first Time, researchers have demonstrated that a novel Coronavirus in sewage of a city – before there ever cases of the disease were known. The scientists hope to have a lever is found to be local (Re-)outbreaks in the future better to predict.

First, the Coronavirus is shown in the wastewater, in the Form of cases of disease in the population: This mechanism is a new study by Dutch micro suggests now biologists.

As the research team led by Gertjan Medema from the KWR Water Research Institute in Nieuwegein, writes in it, they would have the Virus already on 5. March detected in the wastewater treatment plant of the höllandischen town of Amersfoot near Amsterdam. Confirmed Corona cases had not given it to this point in Amersfoot. Medema and his colleagues keep sewage Scans for potential early warning systems to detect regional outbreaks-waves of the Virus at an early stage and to react accordingly, before infecting humans on a large scale.

“The detection of the Virus in the waste water (…) indicates that the wastewater monitoring could be a crucial tool for Monitoring the circulation of the Virus in the population”, – stated in their release.

Virus enters through excretions into the sewage

Therefore, it is unlikely that the Virus is infected through sewage channels spread or people as a result. But eliminated from Infected the Virus, apparently, often on the chair. In the result, it is richer in the wastewater. “Spreading the Virus in the population, increases the viral load in the sewage systems of our cities,” explain the experts. To measure the viral load, whether the scientists have now succeeded for the first Time ever.

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