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Rare shopping and still eat healthy

The supermarket is one of the few places that you may visit currently outside the four walls yet. However, many feel of us there, just not particularly well: a Lot of people and thus are potential sources of Infection in a closed space, partial non-compliance with clearance rules, often longer waiting times at the checkouts.

Good reasons, while the Corona-pandemic-thought-out prefer to be on stock to buy. Particularly for at-risk groups it is recommended to the supermarket less often to visit. A nutrition expert at the Mayo Clinic, gives some tips on how this can be with a healthy diet arrange.

What you have in mind?

Debra Silverman, an expert in dietetics, reveals her Tricks in a News article in the Mayo Clinic. Therefore, you can go shopping for about two weeks, without compromising the supply of essential nutrients in purchasing. Although it seems challenging, it is, according to Silverman, not a big deal. With a few small changes for the other purchasing, proper storage, and, above all, good planning it should be doable.

Tip 1: Careful Planning

To take enough time for shopping planning and to write a list, this is A & O in the case of the common stock. Debra Silverman recommends, first of all, a thorough inventory carried out:

“If you think about it, how you take your grocery shopping attack, take the time to Plan. Check your pantry, your refrigerator and freezer. You have to think about how the items you already have, can use, keep your shopping focused on what you really need and will use. Check whether you have basic food like flour and sugar.“

Keep in mind when planning the new routines: When you have eaten, for example, normally, often, in the canteen, cafeteria or out of the house, a plan these meals in addition. If you don’t have children currently in the nursery or school, you need to plan more meals at home than usual.

The expert advises to buy food that you use often and of which you know that you and your family members eat are actually.

Tip 2: Self-freeze, or ready-made frozen products to buy

Fresh fruits and vegetables are essential components of a healthy diet, as they contain a lot of vital substances. Unfortunately both loses nutrients due to storage and spoils relatively quickly. Therefore, it makes sense in a stocking for four to ten days to freeze a part of the fresh fruit and vegetable or frozen versions back to access.

To Debra Silverman: “frozen fruit and vegetables can be a healthy part of your meal planning. Since these items are usually frozen at the peak of their Freshness, and before the packaging is only minimally processed, they retain their nutritional value.“

When you freeze fruit, advises Debra Silverman, for example, fresh berries, bananas or other fruit to use. This could later be thawed and about to Smoothies processed.

Not only fruits and vegetables, but also foods such as meat or fish can be bought ahead and frozen, adds Silverman: “other fresh food can be frozen and later be also used without losing their nutritional benefits. […] Meat, such as beef and chicken, or fish keep in the freezer for about four months.“

Tip 3: wear resistant variants of fresh food use

For the case of certain fresh or frozen products are not in the supermarket just available, he could Dodge, where appropriate, to durable Alternatives, advises Silverman. She cites the examples of Dry egg white, powdered milk, and canned fruit and vegetables.

These products have the advantage that they do not spoil as quickly. However, the proportion of nutrients is in the case of fruit and vegetables in canned form, often not as high as in the case of the fresh or frozen version.

Silverman is recommended to check the expiry dates of the hold items on a regular basis to exceed the retention periods.

Tip 4: stay Calm and focused

Probably the most important tip nutrition expert store comes to the conclusion: silence! “If you make decisions about what they buy for a longer period of time at home, be realistic, what you really need. You don’t panic and don’t buy too many items.“

In addition, it is misleading to focus on it, resulting in a healthy diet, stresses Debra Silverman: “Focus on the basics of a healthy diet: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats.” (kh)