Katharine McPhee’s Plan For Hiding Son’s iPad Backfired Miserably

Parents sometimes have to go to extreme lengths to enforce screen time rules. Because as much as they might like it, kids can’t be on their devices all the time. Katharine McPhee‘s son Rennie, 2 — who she shares with husband David Foster — kept asking for his iPad, and she seemingly thought she had a great strategy for keeping it away from him.

Putting it in the oven.

Yes, the oven.

The. Oven.

If you have alarm bells (or fire alarms) going off, that’s because it did not go well. The actress and singer shared a video on her Instagram story with the words, “Just over here cooking iPads … I tried to hide it and forgot it was in there while [preheating] up the oven.”

Multiple members of the SheKnows team have admitted to accidentally leaving their phone in the fridge (don’t judge!) but purposefully putting something in the oven and accidentally cooking it is a new one!

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