Jason Kennedy and Lauren Scruggs Describe IVF 'Ups and Downs'

Trusting the process. Jason Kennedy and Lauren Scruggs opened up to Katherine Schwarzenegger about how they’ve stayed “peaceful” amid their fertility struggles.

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“They have been trying for a baby for a number of years and have just started IVF,” the Gift of Forgiveness author, 31, captioned her Tuesday, January 12, Instagram Live interview with the couple. “They are being very open and honest about their journey, and I am so grateful to them for talking with me today.”

When the Los Angeles native noted in the video that she knew the pair had been trying to conceive their first child for a “long” time, Scruggs, 32, clarified that they’d been pursuing parenthood for “four or five years.”

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The Still Lolo author explained, “It’s so crazy. I think we didn’t realize how long it had been and then we did the math. We’ve always wanted [kids], but we feel like we have so much joy in our life as it is. We only know a baby will add more joy. The baby is not gonna fill a hole in our life so I feel like we haven’t been super obsessive about it or anxious. We truly believe that God’s timing is so perfect. We’ve been really at peace about it but also being productive in the steps we have to do.”

Her husband, 39, chimed in, “I believe there is a plan in place for us and when we’re supposed to have a baby, it’ll happen. … We know there’ll be ups and downs. We hope way more ups than downs.”

Earlier this month, the entertainment journalist revealed that he and the California native were in “day 1 of [their] IVF journey.” Kennedy explained in a January 3 Instagram video: “If you don’t know what IVF means, it means in-vitro fertilization. It’s where they take the egg and the sperm and they do a little dance. Could have twins, could have more than twins. Could have one. Might not even have one.”

On Tuesday, Scruggs said that she and the Florida native started testing “a couple years ago.” After not having “the best experience” with their first doctor, they found another and continued testing. Now that they have “tried all the herbs, tried all the therapies, tried everything,” Scruggs said that she feels “peace.” The fashion blogger explained, “We’ve got a clear next step.”

The couple’s current step involves Scruggs taking birth control pills for a month. While that initially felt “frustrating” for Kennedy, he and his wife haven’t let the process “take [their] joy.”

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Scruggs told Schwarzenegger: “We are getting closer in this process, we are growing as people individually, we are getting healthier because we want to prep for this pregnancy. There are so many positives. Something is lacking in your life — that might be too harsh — if you’re so freaked out [about conceiving]. What is it that’s making your response so intense?”

She and the University of Miami graduate tied the knot in December 2014 in Texas after one year of dating. In October 2019, Kennedy hinted that they were having trouble starting a family.

“We’ve been trying, [but] it’s not easy having a kid,” the E! personality exclusively told Us Weekly at the time. “We’ve been trying different things, but … we’re not freaking out about it. It’s not something that worries us. [We’re] not overwhelmed with it. When it’s supposed to happen, it’ll happen. We’re kind of just taking it one day at a time. … It’s fun to try, though.”

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