Ingenza celebrates 20 years of innovation

Edinburgh-based Ingenza, a pioneer in engineering biology, is delighted to celebrate its 20th anniversary this month. The milestone will be marked with an event on the 20th of April for esteemed colleagues and guests, providing an opportunity to reflect on the many achievements of the last two decades and share the company’s exciting plans for the future.

To kick off the event, Ingenza founder and CEO Ian Fotheringham will lead a presentation on the evolution of the company and its journey to success. For the past 20 years, Ingenza has engineered and optimized biological systems to prepare high-value industrial products and therapeutic proteins for a range of applications, from biofuels and sustainable plastic manufacturing to developing novel antibiotic candidates and next-generation coronavirus vaccines.

The company’s success has been accelerated by its impressive portfolio of long-standing business partners and extensive network of biotechnology collaborations, addressing challenges in human health and the environment.

 “It will be an honour to celebrate 20 years of Ingenza, and reflect on how the business has evolved over that time. I have personally seen the company establish phenomenal capabilities during the past two decades, and develop into the industry leader that it is today. As a company, we have worked on a diverse collection of projects, collaborated with countless academic and industry partners, and created products that we can be immensely proud of. At the heart of this is the Ingenza team, who offer unbridled talent, passion and dedication, and are consistently driving the company to exceed our customers’ targets.”

Ian Fotheringham, Ingenza founder and CEO

Jaymin Amin, Chief Business Officer at Ingenza added “2023 is set to be an exciting year for our company, and this anniversary gives us the opportunity to reflect on the extraordinary journey that has led to our success,”.

“During the last two decades, the demand for biological systems has increased vastly and expanded to more diverse applications, including sustainably manufacturing many, industrial products and complex biopharmaceuticals. Through it all, Ingenza has continuously adapted to meet these demands, pioneering ground-breaking applied bioscience innovations in collaboration with renowned partners. I look forward to seeing how the industry continues to grow as Ingenza solidifies its position as a leader in this field.”

Jaymin Amin, Chief Business Officer at Ingenza

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