Im a doctor – here are the best breakfasts to reduce high blood pressure

Dr Chris Steele shares diet tips on reducing blood pressure

High blood pressure needs to be tamed before it lays its dangerous groundwork to serious health problems, ranging from heart attacks to strokes.

Fortunately, your very first meal of the day could do this with gusto, according to Dr Sunni Patel, from Dish Dash Deets.

“When planning a breakfast to reduce high blood pressure, consider foods that are low in sodium, rich in potassium, and promote overall cardiovascular health,” the doctor said.

1. Porridge topped with fruit

Considered a breakfast staple, porridge offers more than a creamy start to your day.

Oats are packed with soluble fibre, which removes excess cholesterol from your bloodstream and reduces the resistance in blood vessels, consequently keeping your blood pressure in check.

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The doctor recommended topping your morning oats with sliced bananas or berries to get a kick of potassium.

He said: “Potassium helps regulate blood pressure by counteracting the effects of sodium. It helps to relax blood vessel walls, reducing the pressure on them.”

Furthermore, berries are rich in antioxidants, which can help protect your blood vessels from damage and inflammation, contributing to better blood pressure control.

2. Greek or soya yoghurt

Another popular breakfast option is yoghurt which can increase your protein intake and keep your sodium low.

Excess sodium, which is found in salt, is considered one of the biggest causes of high blood pressure, with experts urging to keep your intake under six grams of salt per day.

Furthermore, yoghurt’s protein content could help with satiety and weight management, which plays a role in blood pressure management, according to the doctor.

Dr Sunni also recommended pairing your yoghurt with fruits to help you hydrate properly as this can also maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

3. Whole grain cereal

Just like oats, whole grain cereals also contain fibre which has a slow and steady impact on your blood sugar levels, helping to maintain stable blood pressure.

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Dr Sunni said: “Choose whole grain cereals with minimal added sugars and sodium and look for options with at least three grams of fibre per serving.”

4. Eggs

Similarly to yoghurt, eggs pack a protein punch and offer a great opportunity to add more fibre to your diet, as you can pair them with the likes of spinach, tomatoes, or peppers.

Just remember to not go crazy on the salt shaker when preparing your go-to option, Dr Sunni reminded.

5. Avocado wholegrain toast

Avocado is rich in key blood pressure lowering mineral potassium as well as healthy fats.

Dr Sunni said: “These fats can help improve cholesterol levels and reduce inflammation in the blood vessels, contributing to lower blood pressure.”

6. Whole grain toast with nut butter

If you’d like to stick to a toast but don’t particularly enjoy avocados, you could give nut butter a go.

This combination can deliver fibre, healthy fats and protein to your day, Dr Sunni explained.

He added: “It’s important to note that while these foods can play a role in managing high blood pressure, they should be part of an overall balanced diet and lifestyle that includes regular physical activity, stress management, and limited alcohol intake.”

Furthermore, cutting back on processed foods is also important so you should stay away from instant options and groceries packed with salt and sugar, the doctor concluded.

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