Hygiene: How often should bed linen and towels-washing?

Many people have no fixed System, after which you will wash towels and bedding on a regular basis. Instead, you rely on your gut feeling and wait, often too long.

Who washes his linens only, if you smells slightly, has wallowed too long in it around. Even if you don’t see it always, to suck the sheets and bedding, sweat, Makeup and dirt.

The bedding lives

Along with skin particles, which forms an ideal basis for the survival of microorganisms, which can multiply wonderfully, if you change the bed linen to rare live. Not only for Allergy sufferers, the on duration is a threat to the health.

The basis for this biotope of the human sweat forms – an average of half a litre of sweat per night. A part evaporates, a part ends up in the sheets and bed covers. Everything that comes then, is food for house dust mites and similar animals.

Therefore, one should wash the bed linen once per week.

Hygiene for pillow, duvet and mattress

But not only the covers, also, pillow, blanket and mattress should be cleaned. Especially the pillow, which is in direct contact with the face should be washed every six months, or in the cleaning give.

Practical tip: pillow protector that can be placed in front of the cushion cover to the cushion, to protect the actual pillow. They allow for easier and more frequent washing.

The duvet also two should be washed one to three times per year. In addition, you should be vacuuming the mattress when Changing the sheets with the vacuum cleaner, so that the dead skin cells and dust mites are removed along with their excretions.

Towels not too long to use

Because the shower is not all of the bacteria are removed from the skin and also dead skin cells-in-hand to collect towels are also an ideal basis for the survival of microorganisms and bacteria live.

Therefore, it is important to hang them up after use so that you can dry as quickly as possible again. The shower cloth and allow to lie on the ground for hours, so it is not a good idea.

For this reason, you should make use of towels as only three to four Times before washing them. Who takes a shower every day, should consume at least two towels per week.