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Green Smoothies: Tasty Supplement in the raw food kitchen

Of professionals, it is recommended to consume daily at least five to ten servings of fruits and vegetables. One or the other Portion, you can also take in a liquid Form: Green Smoothies made with pureed green vegetables and herbs, ripe fruits and water are a delicious addition to the raw food kitchen.

Who integrated in his food plan a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables supplies your body with important vitamins and minerals and protects against diseases. A part of the healthy food you can take in the Form of Smoothies to. On purchased products, however, should be better avoided, because these usually contain a lot of sugar and other additives.

Pureed green vegetables and herbs with ripe fruit and water

Vegetables is healthy and health is “in”. This is probably the formula, which explains the proliferation of green Smoothies. As the Federal centre for nutrition (BZfE) writes, derives the term Smoothie from the English word smooth for supple or soft. He describes the consistency of the creamy liquid.

Green Smoothies mixed drinks, consisting of pureed green vegetables and herbs, ripe fruit, and water are to be made depending on the desired consistency. The many recipes recommend almost the entire diversity of the vegetable species. Herbs such as parsley, sorrel, Chervil, borage or Dill, for aromatic variety to come.

In addition to the everyday components, but also the more unusual ingredients in the blender: carrots, green radish leaves, celery, Beetroot, fennel and turnip greens may share. Wild herbs such as nettle, dandelion, goutweed, or purslane are also suitable.

As the ingredients are all vegetables and herbs are generally recommended, which could also be related to raw on the dining plan. It is a good idea to vary according to the seasonal offer.

The often unusual, bitter taste of the mixture to soften, is a fruit content of around half, or even something more common. Lemon juice or abrasion, dry fruits, honey or ginger for Freshness, Sweetness or sharpness according to your own taste.

Not all of it may be eaten raw

The BZfE indicates that in the case of unusual ingredients, or vegetables, some caution applies. Especially if it is components, which are not or mostly cooked in the traditional cuisine to the table. Not eaten raw potatoes, beans, eggplant, rhubarb, and cassava may be, for example.

Some of the ingredients may be in larger quantities of harmful

Furthermore, the specialists explain that ingredients such as certain essential Oils of parsley, a Fraßschutz-Alkaloid from borage or oxalic acid from spinach and chard, can be in larger quantities are harmful. Oxalic acid, for example, can be used to make the absorption of minerals such as calcium, iron and Magnesium in the gut to inhibit.

Nitrate is also a theme in the green Smoothies. Because of nitrate substances that are caused cancer in animal tests. Meanwhile, there is evidence that nitrite gives the body the desired effects, by dilating the blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.

Green leaves and leafy vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, field salad and rocket leaves often have a high content of nitrate. To minimize nitrate to be incorporated, may stems, the leaf, the outer leaves and the Ribs of such types of vegetables in the blender.

Comparatively low nitrate content have vegetables during the season, also vegetables or organic vegetables are advantageous.

Similar healthy as the same fruit and vegetables in unpürierter Form

Green Smoothies are generally rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. The drinks are similar healthy as the same fruit and vegetables in unpürierter Form. Only the positive effect of chewing on saliva formation and dental health here.

Smoothies whether fruit or vegetables to provide variety in the adequate supply of the body with nutrients. Of the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, Smoothies can replace in some cases up to two servings. As a serving size a quantity of 200-250 Milli is here liters.

The Drink should consist of at least half of mixed fruit or vegetables and no more than half of the squeezed juice or water.

The question as to the harm or Benefit of the green Smoothies, the following applies: It is – as so often – a question of quantity and variety.

Quickly consume

For the preparation of the selected ingredients must be cleaned up as usual, washed, and best of all with the knife, coarsely crushed. Coarser components come down, finer upwards. Then, creamy Smoothies are also created in a commercially available Mixer.

When the drinks are finished, they should be consumed quickly to avoid the degradation of oxygen sensitive nutrients. Radicals, or a stock of mixed Smoothies belong to the protection against food infections in the fridge and should still be on the same day to drink.

You give lemon juice, and can reproduce any existing bacteria only slowly or not at all.

Of green Smoothies from the trading is not recommended by professionals mostly. Because these products often contain a lot of added sugar, as studies have shown. (ad)