'Give Me Gains or Give Me Death,' Proclaim Florida Gym Protestors

Some Americans believe hitting up the squat rack is matter of life or death.

This week, a group of Florida protestors assembled outside a courthouse in Clearwater demanding the right to visit a gym, according to news outlet WHDH. People waved American flags while performing push-ups and squats. Protestors held signs proclaiming, “Give me gains or give me death” and “We will not comply,” according to The Guardian. No one was practicing social distancing or wearing face masks during the protest.

Videos of the protest have circulated online, prompting some people to argue that the demonstration proves you don’t need a gym to workout.

“If you can do squats and push ups on the sidewalk, you can do them in your living room and don’t need to be at the gym, you absolute ding dongs,” one person Tweeted.

Protesters calling for gyms to reopen do squats, push-ups outside Clearwater courthouse https://t.co/If5c9EQZMV pic.twitter.com/xAXkrPneM2

Florida is currently in the process of reopening, but gyms are not allowed to reopen until the second phase of the governor’s plan.

And Florida isn’t the only state with angry fitness buffs. In Ohio, 35 independent gyms are suing the Ohio Department of Health, according to Cleveland Scene. According to the outlet, gyms assert the state’s stay at home order allows other business to reopen but leaves gyms closed indefinitely. The lawsuit asserts the order is vague and doesn’t account for the fact that gyms can operate safely.

“In prohibiting healthy behavior through exercise at Ohio gyms, Defendants continue to obstruct rather than advance Ohioans’ health, all the while having continuously overinflated the risk of harm to the general public,” the suit claims.

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