FDP politician and infections Loge to Corona-Tests: We need the data in real-time

In view of the confusing Numbers of Corona infections in Germany, the FDP has been calling for-health politician Andrew Ullmann, a significant acceleration of the processes. Ullman is even a University Professor for immunology at the Julius-Maximilians-University of Würzburg.

“To get finally a reliable data base for the Corona-infections in Germany, we need to digitize necessarily have to be in the Public health service the reporting process,” said Ullmann FOCUS Online. Then there was more “finally, real-time data,” says Ullmann.

“If you would like to make, we would have no loss of time.” So you could win “two days” and the developments, “much more precise” rate. Ullmann shows irritated about the processes as they take place to some extent, still: It can’t be that some health boards send their data via Fax.“

Seriously ill daughter is allowed to have no contact, now mother pleads for help

FOCUS Online/Wochit seriously ill daughter can not contact, now, asks the mother urgently to help