Ellie Goulding’s Rare Comments on Her Son Arthur Reveals the Shocking Way Motherhood Affects Her Anxiety

When you think of Ellie Goulding, you think about her incredible line of hit songs, her hilarious blunt Twitter replies, and of course, that marvelous mane of hers. But along with being a Grammy-nominated songstress, she’s a fantastic mother to her son Arthur, and in a recent interview, she talked about how he makes her anxiety melt away. (Get ready for your hearts to melt!)

In a recent interview with People, the Halycon singer talked about how her son Arthur truly “zaps” away her anxiety. “At times, it was debilitating… Being around Arthur automatically zaps [my anxiety] away, and I feel like it’s my body trying to mess with me because it’s saying, ‘We want you to be with Arthur all the time,’ biologically,” she said while explaining the work/life balance as a new mom. “I’ve had no choice but to put myself and being a mother first, and then everything else I will do to the best of my ability.”

That’s such a sweet thing to say about her two-year-old, and we love that Goulding’s son has such a relieving effect on her anxiety. Goulding has actually talked about her debilitating anxiety many times in the past, saying to People recently in the same interview, “I’m getting back to feeling myself again. I’m in the best possible place that I could be to release new music — minus the anxiety. That’s something I’m still always struggling with.”

The Fitter, Calmer, Stronger author started dating Caspar Jopling in 2017, eventually tying the knot in 2019. Then on April 2021, they welcomed their son Arthur.

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