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How people with type 2 Diabetes before effects of COVID-19, you can protect

People with type 2 Diabetes are considered to be particularly at risk for serious diseases at COVID-19, however, can protect a strict control of blood sugar levels they seem to have more severe courses of disease.

In the current study of the Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University, was once again confirmed that people with type 2 Diabetes have a higher risk for heavier COVID-19-gradients, but it also showed that good control of blood sugar levels decreases the risk of severe gradients. The results of the study were published in the English journal “Cell Metabolism”.

Investigation had 7.337 participating

The research group carried out a retrospective multi-centre longitudinal study to 7.337 of persons with confirmed COVID-19-disorders by cutting, which consists of 19 hospitals from the province of Hubei in China came. 952 of these Participants suffered from type 2 Diabetes, of these people 282 showed a good control of blood sugar levels.

Significantly higher mortality in type 2 Diabetes

The evaluated data shows that people who were admitted with COVID-19 and type-2 Diabetes to the hospital, required more medical interventions. In spite of these interventions, they also had a significantly higher mortality (7.8 percent compared to 2.7 percent) and a higher incidence of injuries to multiple organs.

The benefits of a well-controlled blood glucose

The Patients with a good control of the blood sugar and COVID-19 died less frequently than those whose blood was set to the sugar levels bad, report the researchers more. In addition, had occurred in individuals with well-tuned type-2 Diabetes, rare health complications, and fewer medical interventions have been necessary.

Diabetes increases risk for death by COVID-19

The researchers were surprised to observe in the case of persons with COVID-19 and pre-existing type 2 Diabetes, as favorable results in the well-controlled blood glucose group. The results suggest that careful blood sugar control can be an effective tool to improve the prognosis of patients and the Patient with COVID-19 and Diabetes.

People with Diabetes should take extra precautions

People with Diabetes have to inherit a higher risk of COVID-19 to fossil, and to develop after infection, more serious complications. Therefore, affected individuals should take additional precautions to avoid infection, stress the researchers.

You should pay attention to:

For example, diabetics should pay attention to during the pandemic, especially to have your blood sugar level always under control. Also COVID-19-Patients with Diabetes need to be controlled, in addition to all other required treatments, the blood sugar level to keep it in the correct range.

Further research is planned

The connection between type 2 Diabetes and COVID-19 must now be further investigated to learn more about the underlying biology that leads to gradients in people with Diabetes and high blood sugar to heavier COVID-19-sums up the research team. (as)