Corona outbreak after visit to the Restaurant: “There’s quite a lot was done wrong, it is evil, bad,”

In the case of more than a dozen people visit in Ostfriesland has been detected to a restaurant, the Coronavirus. But the food is the reason to go? The district is examining whether there were violations.

Of lower Saxony, the district is looking Empty after the positive Corona Tests as a result of the visit of a Restaurant in East Frisia in accordance with the reasons for the infections. It is to be examined, whether it was in the Local violations of the Corona conditions, said a spokesman for the district. An in-between state-he didn’t want to leave on Sunday to do so. "We need to abwarten", he said.

A survey of the guests, the on 15. May were in the Restaurant, have "The evidence supplied, that the night may be against Corona-constraints in wurde", it was stated in a communication of the district. These Instructions will adversity in a procedure-procedure followed, including a hearing of the operator. As the "NDR" citing witnesses, writes, the guests shook the hands, in addition, the mask duty and the minimum were not met. Among the guests were also employees of the Meyer Werft, among other things, the personnel Manager of the company. A spokesman confirmed to the "NDR". Members of the Board of management and the works Council were now in quarantine.

Number of positive cases is on the increase

The number of positive Corona Tested at the 15. May were in the closed society in the Locally in Nicholasville, ky, was increased in the course of Sunday to 14, were added to the four other people who had put in the episode. For 118 people, home quarantine has been arranged. Lars-Josef Klemmer/dpa

The owner of the restaurant who has stuck with the Virus, had said at the weekend he did not know whether the Virus is on the 15. May at the opening night of his restaurant have spread. It is also possible that the people have before or after the evening infected.

"There was, apparently, done some things wrong, and it’s bad gelaufen"

If you have is in the Local, this would be the first known case of its kind since the re-opening of the restaurants. The managing Director of the Hotel and restaurant Association (Dehoga) of lower Saxony, Rainer Balke said in an Interview, the "Hanover General Zeitung" about the case in Moormerland: "There was, apparently, done some things wrong, and it is evil went."

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Lower Saxony’s health Minister Carola Reimann saw in the outbreak, however, no need of easing rates for the pubs to move away. "According to initial findings, the infection is not going to happen due to a normal visit to a restaurant, instead of a private Party gefeiert&quot was there apparently;, the SPD politician said on Saturday.

On Monday, the third of five easing steps in lower Saxony in force. Among other things, Restaurants are allowed to assign more than half of the courses – the prescribed minimum level of but remains. In addition, Hotels are allowed to open with a capacity of up to 60 percent, also free baths, and a fitness center can resume operations. In addition, there are relaxations in the social field, in terms of workshops for people with disabilities and Day-care centers.

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