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Plasma and blood donations continue to be possible and useful

A therapy with antibodies, which can be derived from the blood plasma of the already recovering COVID-19-Concerned, is currently one of the most promising treatment methods for serious COVID-19-gradients. Who can donate and what you need to know potential donors?

Blood plasma could help to combat the Corona-pandemic: Researchers want to work in order, among other things, an anti-body therapy. Who wants to be involved in the fight against the Corona of a pandemic, it can help under certain conditions, with blood plasma donation. Currently, the plasma centre, Heidelberg calls to donate. One of the requirements to be a Coronavirus infection recover.

Antibody therapy against COVID-19

The idea behind this: Researchers want to develop from the blood plasma, among other things, an anti-body therapy. “It’s about to explore a means of passive immunization, wherein the antibodies come from donors,” explains Prof. Hubert schrezenmeier, Professor works at the University hospital of Ulm and DRK-blutspendedienst Baden-Württemberg-Hessen.

In addition to the General requirements for blood donors, in addition to the history of disease: “The donor must have made a proven Coronavirus infection. In addition, you must be symptom-free,“ says schrezenmeier, Professor of. The Virus itself should not be detectable, the anti-body.

Also the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has announced plans to start studies on blood donors and people in Covid-19-outbreak areas. However, regardless of the research goal of the blood and blood plasma donations in Corona are times, furthermore, possible and desirable.

Plasma donation is more common than blood donation

“The blood plasma may give the donor up to 60 Times in twelve months,” says schrezenmeier, Professor of. The blood are divided into components in a machine and the blood to the Plasma returned to the body. Full-blood rare are donations, however, possible: in women, 4 Times, and men 6 Times within twelve months.

In principle, all human blood or Plasma donations which have no symptoms of the disease and on the specific criteria do not apply may. “So donors have to wait around some time after a fresh tattoo or a vaccination against rubella, measles or Mumps,” says schrezenmeier, Professor of.

Normal blood donations are not tested on Corona

Who had a Sars-CoV-2-Infected contact, or in a high-risk area was not allowed to donate for four weeks. For people who were infected with SARS-CoV-2, is an eight-week provision – and who has symptoms that may not even donations. More to the criteria of the Website explained.

“In the case of a major donation, the blood or Plasma is tested for corona virus. Otherwise, this example Aids or viral Hepatitis is a disease. The blood will be tested and the donor informed,“ says schrezenmeier, Professor, is also Vice-Chairman of the German society for transfusion medicine and immune Hematology. (vb; Source: dpa/tmn)

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