Cancer risk: experts are calling for a Solarium ban

The German cancer aid is calling for a nationwide ban of sun studios. Each year, the use of these devices is causing the according to experts, Europe-wide, approximately 3,400 people of black skin cancer. In about 800 cases this leads to death.

"For a decade, tanning beds are classified as unequivocally carcinogenic. The prohibition on the use of minors is, however, totally insufficient eingehalten", Gerd Nettekoven, Chairman of the Board of German cancer aid, explained the call for a Solarium ban. The prohibition on the use of for children and young people has existed since 2009. Nevertheless, is estimated to have solely located in the year 2018 of 140,000 to minors under a Sunny Bank, as Figures from the nationwide observation study "National cancer assistance-Monitoring for the use of Sunbeds (NCAM)" documents.

It is a delusion is a funny fallacy that tanned skin is considered healthy and beautiful. "The tanning process is always a cry for help to the skin. Any use of Sunbeds leads to health Schäden", Professor Dr. Eckhard Breitbart, a dermatologist and Chairman of the German Association of Dermatological prevention (ADP), which supports the Solarium ban says.

UV-radiation is the größte risk factor für skin cancer

Each year about 37,000 people in Germany are diagnosed with malignant melanoma, the dangerous skin cancer. The international cancer research Agency (IARC) of the world health organization (WHO) classifies both the natural UV radiation from the sun as well as the artificially produced in tanning beds in the highest risk group of cancer-causing factors. The WHO and other scientific bodies advise urgently of any use of Sunbeds.

UV-radiation can cause in addition to the desired Browning within seconds, damage in the genome of the skin cell. From cells with such damaged genetic material can develop even decades after skin cancer. The skin tan is simply a protective reaction of the skin and is not a sign of health. Especially the skin of children and young people is sensitive to UV radiation and the risk of skin cancer much higher than in adults.


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