Brittany Mahomes Shares a Stinky Side of Parenting Toddlers in a Hilarious New Video

When it comes to the not-so-pleasant side of parenting, Brittany Mahomes is keeping it real…and we can’t stop laughing. She posted a new video of her and Patrick Mahomes’ daughter Sterling Skye, and it reveals the stinky side of life with toddlers.

The 22-month-old is playing on the floor in a new video posted to Brittany’s Instagram story yesterday. She looks adorable as always with her messy blonde curls pulled up in a ponytail and a colorful smiley-face shirt on. But the little girl wasn’t just playing — she was also doing her business in her diaper.

“Sterling, did you poop?” Brittany asks Sterling in the video. She responds with an enthusiasm the NFL would be proud of. “I did!” she shouts, as she continues playing.

“Can we change your diaper?” Brittany says. “YAY!” Sterling exclaims, although she continues to ignore her mom and keep playing. Ah, toddlers.

Brittany continues asking about her diaper, and now Sterling says, “Poop” and touches her diaper. So she’s aware of the poop — but she has exactly zero plans to do anything about it. “I sit, I sit!” she continues, brushing off her mom in the cutest way possible.

Why are toddlers, literally, so stinkin’ adorable? And why, oh why, do kids not care about sitting in their own filth? I strive to be as carefree and chill as Sterling one day!

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