Bernie Sanders Was Doing Paleo 'Before Paleo Was a Thing'

As we head further into election year, people remain just as interested in what world leaders eat, how many pushups they can do and how they stay fit as they are in policy and position. There is a certain logic to this line of thinking: many voters want their politicians to be healthy in body as well as in mind.

And one presidential hopeful is taking every measure to stay in the best shape possible: Democrat Bernie Sanders. Following his heart attack in 2019, Sanders faced criticisms that he was too old at 78 to run for president, but he maintains that he is “feeling great.”

Sanders’ wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders, says he has been making some lifestyle changes and prioritizing exercise in the months since his health scare, including playing basketball and baseball while on the campaign trail. “He’s always been an athlete and an outdoors person,” she told the Burlington Free Press in January. “That’s just who he is… He’s very active.”

So active, in fact, that one doctor’s letter states Sanders is able to exercise at a level “50% higher than other men his age with a similar diagnosis.”

In addition to being more active, Sanders has also cut down on some of his favorite fatty foods, including bacon and fried eggs. Now, a typical dinner in the Sanders house is fish with sweet potato fries. He’s no stranger to this kind of meal, however.

In a 2016 at-home feature with People, Sanders revealed that he does all of his own grocery shopping and cooking, and also stated that he lives on a mostly meat-and-vegetable-based diet, prompting his stepdaughter Carina Driscoll to quip: “He was paleo before paleo was a thing.”

Will 2020 be the year of America’s first paleo president? Only time will tell.

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