6 Masturbation Positions for DIY Pleasure

When it comes to simple, old fashioned DIY fun, masturbation is one of the most satisfying ways to unwind, relax and treat yourself to a quiet (or not so quiet) night in.

Not only is masturbation fun, free and super convenient, it can actually perk up your sex life all around: “Women who masturbate are more likely to have orgasms during partnered sex, and we believe that this finding is related to an increase in comfort and knowledge with regard to her body,” says Jessica O’Reilly, Ph.D., author of The Little Book of Kink. “By experimenting with different positions, you can discover new pathways to orgasm and stave off the sexual ruts that arise due to repetition and monotony.”

Which totally makes sense when you think about the lasting benefits of getting to know your body and what exactly will get you off in any given situation: You’re way more empowered to take control of your pleasure, whether you’re on your own or with a partner, breaking in a new sex toy or making use of your shower head or something else around the house.

Interested in changing up or elevating your solo play? Read on for a few of our favorite toe-curling masturbation positions and give yourself the gift of a good orgasm.

Originally published January 2014. Updated December 2019.

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