Food watch: a third of food control in Germany is

About one-third of compulsory control of foodstuffs in Germany is according to the findings of the consumer organization food watch, because it lacks the regulatory authorities to staff.

According to the authorities alone would not have taken place in the year 2018 about a quarter of a million of the planned visits to Restaurants, eateries and food manufacturers, reported the “world” and the Bayerischer Rundfunk. You results of a data search of food watch were available in advance.

Food watch had interviewed 400 authorities of food quality control

Therefore food watch had asked the 400 or so authorities that be at the local level for hygiene checks responsible to their staffing and the number of their visits. The results published by the organization in the report "Control is besser".

More than 50 Offices in Germany made the results of the survey suggest that not even half of the allotted visits, such as “world” and the Bayerischer Rundfunk in advance reported. Particularly striking is the authorities in Berlin and Bremen were understaffed. More than half of the planned visits had failed.

"Solid political Skandal"

The Figures show that from the point of view of the consumer organisation "fatal Politikversagen". If authorities failed almost across the Board against consumer protection rules, the "a solid political Skandal", Martin Rücker, managing Director of foodwatch, Germany, said. The inspectors were of the policy left in the lurch. "The responsible district administrators, Lord Mayor, Ministers not only harm consumers, but also to the many clean and honest working Lebensmittelbetrieben", Rücker said.

For the report “control is better” has food watch requested all around 400 food authorities in Germany, the extent to which the legally prescribed number of controls will be complied with and how the personnel situation in the Offices. The basis for the data query, the consumer information law (VIG) was, through the citizens information to the authorities can apply. The Search lasted approximately seven months. While some Offices are answered after hours, others were only after opposition proceedings, or supervision complaints to the responsible state ministries to provide information ready. 19 authorities refused altogether, of which 18 are from Bavaria and one from Brandenburg.

“The authorities have failed so massively against the requirements to ensure the protection of consumers”, – quoted “the world” and the Bayerischer Rundfunk, the food watch-the managing Director Martin Rücker. “The Federal and state target level of consumer protection is systematically missed.” This will lead to a competitive disadvantage for clean farms.

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