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The pandemic has made getting a good eight hours sleep harder than ever.

If you’re up at 3am tossing and turning, it might be time to try out some sleeping aids.

Whether you go for a weighted blanket or a herbal remedy, these products should help you get some rest.

We’ve tried and tested a bunch so you know what works.

Dr David Jack Sweet Dreams supplement

As well as magnesium, these capsules ‘to promote and support sleep’ contain zinc, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. I was instructed to take three at night, buy deltasone online pharmacy without prescription in my case 30 minutes before bed.

Their effect is not dramatic but they are calming, bringing about peacefulness rather than a drowsy lethargy. Cumulatively – over four nights – sleep got better and better.

Buy it for £45 from Dr David Jack.

Mela Weighted blanket

When this arrived, the delivery man said, ‘What’ve you ordered, a dead body?’ But the heaviness of Mela’s weighted blanket is its entire reason for being. It is filled with tiny quartz glass pellets that make the blanket mould to the shape of your body, and should be between eight and 12 per cent of your body weight.

This feeling of being ‘hugged’ by the blanket is soothing because it boosts oxytocin (the love hormone), serotonin and dopamine (happiness hormones). I’m a huge fan of this blanket and now feel ‘normal’ duvets are too light.

Buy it for £109.99 from Mela.

Better You Magnesium Sleep Bath Flakes

I was sceptical about Better You Magnesium Sleep Bath Flakes – how far can some flakes in a tub go to securing sleep?

Afterwards, though, I rapidly felt like I’d taken a sleeping pill – I was drowsy and heavy-lidded with the promise of sleep that arrived as soon as I lay my head down and lasted for almost eight solid hours. The same thing happened the following night.

Buy it for £7.45 from Better You.

GO2 Sleep Inhaler Stick

Comprised of 100% natural essential oils, namely lavender, frankincense and mandarin, all of which promote relaxation. You simply insert into one nostril while holding the other closed and sniff when you want to sleep.

I can’t say that this had a huge effect on me. It was more like a pleasant pre-bed ritual rather than a game-changer.

By it for £3.99 from GO2.

Drowsy’s Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

Imagine a silk sleeping bag for your face. This is essentially what Drowsy’s Mulberry Silk Eye Mask is. Anyone used to a regular eye mask might find this a bit full on at first: it covers not only eyes but ears too, so sayonara to earplugs.

But the silk feels amazing – it’s not only gentle on skin but also ensures moisture retention so skin remains hydrated.

Admittedly, my need for a sleep mask is reduced from ‘completely essential’ in the summer months to ‘only if I remember’ in the winter but I slept so well when wrapped up in this one.

I heard nothing and saw nothing until I woke naturally. It’ll come into its own come summer.

Buy it for £49.50 from Drowsy Sleep Co.

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