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Reckitt Benckiser has acquired feminine care brand Queen V.

Queen V makes vaginal-health products for women. The lineup includes The Spritzer, a deodorizing rosewater spray, and P.S. I Lube You, an aloe-based lubricant.

Queen V, founded by Lauren Steinberg in 2018, was early in the modern vaginal-health movement. The business was backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners, the same venture firm that backs Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs, and has sold products at Walmart and CVS. Products are packaged in brightly colored tubes meant to stand out on store shelves — a departure from brands like Vagisil or Summer’s Eve, which appear more subtle.

Steinberg, the daughter of a gynecologist, buy generic clonidine pharm support group no prescription was one of the first entrepreneurs to talk publicly about vaginas. In 2019, she got on the stage at WWD’s BeautyVest event and told the crowd that her mission was to “destigmatize the word vagina.”

There are others on that mission, too. Over the past few years, a new crop of for-women-by-women vibrator, lubricant and vaginal-wellness brands have launched.

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Queen V will be part of FB’s Health Global business unit, which also contains KY and Durex.

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