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Read every sign's current 2021 horoscope predictions to see what's in store for you this year or check out each sign's personality profile to learn more about the zodiac.

Welcome to March, star babies. The month is off to a fiery start when warrior planet Mars enters charismatic and flirty Gemini on Wednesday, March 3. Mars rules how you fuck and how you fight, and Gemini knows how to turn heads. Everyone, regardless of their sign, generic zyloprim coupons without prescription should gear up for an orgasmic start to the month, whether that's with a partner, a new sex toy, or both.

A new moon in psychic Pisces on Saturday, March 13, asks you to get in touch with your intuition. New moons represent new cycles in life. Use this dark night to meditate, work with tarot, and check in with your gut. Deep desires and untapped emotions will come to light, and if you listen to them, you'll likely see positive changes in both your personal and professional endeavors. Then, when communication planet Mercury also enters creative Pisces on Monday, March 15, you may find it's easier to share these needs with those closest to you.

Regardless of your sign, take a page from the Aries handbook and try to advocate for yourself this month.

Bold Aries season begins on Saturday, March 20, adding a spring to everyone's step. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and these rams demand to go first. Regardless of your sign, take a page from the Aries handbook and try to advocate for yourself this month. The next day, on Sunday, March 21, lover planet Venus also enters this confident sign. Now is the time to tell your crush or partner exactly what you need. If they're worth it, they'll listen. 

March begins to unwind with a bright full moon in sensual Libra on Sunday, March 28. This date acts as a check-in point for the psychic messages that came your way during the new moon earlier this month. Full moons mean manifestation, so if your gut told you that it was time to end a relationship, now is the time to pull the trigger. However, considering all the positive romantic energy during March, it's more likely that you'll confess your love to someone or have a series of orgasms. Enjoy, and see you next month!

March Predictions by Zodiac Sign

Your season begins this month, Aries! But watch out for your temper, because your ruling planet, warrior Mars goes into full fighter mode early in the month. As long as you make sure self-care is integrated into your routine and that you get enough sleep, things should be fine. You want to be your best self to celebrate your bold birthday season. The month ends with blessings in your romantic life. Read your full March horoscope here.

March is major for your friendships, dear Taurus. You may find yourself letting go of people who don't share your ideals, but don't worry, there are more compatible options ready to take their place. This month asks you to go deep and reevaluate what's most important to you. Don't be scared to get in touch with your intuition, as the stars are lined up to bring you exactly what you need. You just have to figure out what that is first. Read your full March horoscope here.

It's hard to promise any influx of cash in this economy, Gemini, but money is in the stars for you this month — or at least opportunities to make it. You also may have to make some hard decisions and create boundaries with people who aren't adding positive things to your life, but if you do, you make room for the best lovers and friends a person could ask for. Plus, March ends on an orgasmic note. Read your full March horoscope here.

You come with a hard exterior, sweet Cancer; after all, you are represented by the crab. However, to accept this month's romantic blessings, you're going to have to lower those crab claws. When bold Aries season begins, your 10th House of Social Status comes into the spotlight, indicating that you're moving up in the world when it comes to both your professional and private life. Read your full March horoscope here.

Love appears in your 11th House of Friendship this month. Are you about to start crushing on someone in your friend circle? Alternatively, perhaps a current partnership is growing more intimate by the day. Either way, when communication planet Mercury moves through your house of transformation, you're moved to tell someone how much you care about them. Read your full March horoscope here.

You're basically good at everything, Virgo, but be careful of coming across as overly critical of others. There are softer ways to express your opinions, and you'll find it easier to say what you mean without causing tension soon. Your love life is heating up, and you have a big chance at leveling up a relationship or crush. Make sure to practice self-care to be the best version of yourself. Read your full March horoscope here.

Sexually powerful Mars asks you to let go of any sexual shame that's holding you back from living your best and most orgasmic life, pretty Libra. Then, a new moon illuminates your 6th House of Health and asks you to make sure you're getting enough sleep. Finally, the end of the month is all about your love life, so get ready for all the attention and affection you deserve. Read your full March horoscope here.

You're one of the sexiest signs of the zodiac, Scorpio, but when was the last time you switched up your routine? March asks you to get creative when it comes to pleasure, so try some new role-play or treat yourself to a sex toy. However, beware of your infamous Scorpio stinger and try to stay level-headed once fiery Aries season begins. You have a soft side; you just need to let yourself be vulnerable enough to show it. Read your full March horoscope here.

Steamy romance comes your way early this month, thanks to the sexual energy of warrior planet Mars. Action is your theme for the next 31 days, and you're making big moves in both your professional and personal life. Read your full March horoscope here.

You're busy this month, you hardworking Capricorn, and that's exactly the way that you like it. You're known for your smarts, and unfortunately, sometimes you can forget about listening to your heart. A psychic new moon in Pisces asks you to get in touch with your intuition and then act upon it. You'll be rewarded for your efforts when your 10th House of Social Status comes into focus. Read your full March horoscope here.

Bold Aries season encourages you to be direct with friends and lovers. Who has time to play it cool in such a stressful world? This month's full moon brings some much-needed realizations and pushes you to drop some bad habits. You're also encouraged to get ahead of your finances, but don't worry, Aquarius, all the hard emotional work that you're doing is destined to pay off. Read your full March horoscope here.

Your romantic connections are deepening, dear Pisces, and a new moon in your sign helps you shake off some of the loneliness you've experienced during the pandemic. However, you must make room for new people in your life to cultivate intimacy, so get ready to finally throw out an ex's belongings. Read your full March horoscope here.

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