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Here are three things people once thought were fleeting fads: reality TV, social media, and mom blogging. We are happy to report that all three of these phenomena are going strong, and they happen to go quite well together too. Whether they got their start on TV looking for love or fixing up homes, many women we met on reality TV are now sharing their love of motherhood for all to see.

We’re not going to say everyone who becomes famous for putting their personal lives on the air is automatically great at creating parenting content. There are plenty of moms out there trying to extend their 15 minutes of fame and making us cringe at the results. But there are others who just happen to be very good at it — so good that their new careers as mom influencers are probably more lucrative, buy generic allopurinol online no prescription and certainly more informative, than their earlier gigs.

We have a theory about how the likes of Bachelor alums like Jade Roper Tolbert and Bekah Martinez, Real Housewives like Eva Marcille, and HGTV hosts like Christina Anstead also fascinate us with their mom posts. For one, obviously, they’re photogenic and have that certain spark that makes people want to watch them, hence their initial casting on TV. For another, they’ve got experience and a certain comfort level in sharing intimate details with the public that some of us will never have. It also doesn’t hurt that they have money — their homes, fashions, and vacations are all what regular moms at home dream of, and love to look at when we want to escape our cramped, messy playrooms and kitchens.

That’s not to sell any of these individual ladies short on the other interesting skills and insights that make us want to follow them. Here are some of our favorite reality-TV stars-turned-mom influencers we think are worth your follow.

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