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Whether you’re the pregnant one, or you have a friend or relative who’s due to have a baby soon, this maternity ‘hack’ is a must.

Recently on TikTok, making ‘padsicles’ has taken off in a big way, with 8.5million video views on the hashtag.

These little ice lolly/sanitary towel hybrids are used by those who’ve given birth, accutane buy online to soothe perineal tears, episiotomy wounds, stitches, and haemorrhoids.

With ingredients like aloe vera – and the cool blast that comes from putting the pad in the freezer – they’ve been hailed as a gamechanher for new parents.

There are versions of these on the market, or many people simply end up sat on a bag of frozen peas.

However, they’re cheaper to make at home, and purpose-built for those uncomfortable postpartum moments.

You need to ensure you use very specific ingredients for these, because they’ll be in a sensitive area. But, those ingredients are readily available, and you can prep the padsicles before giving birth.

Here’s how to make them.

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How to make padsicles

The ‘ingredients’ you’ll need are sanitary pads, aloe vera gel, and witch hazel. It’s very important that you go for options that don’t contain alcohol, fragrance, or colouring.

You can buy pure aloe gel from supermarkets or pharmacists. Look for ones that are colourless – or slightly a cloudy brown or beige rather than blue or green – and check the ingredients.

As for the witch hazel, look for those that say ‘distilled’, ‘alcohol-free’, and ‘pure’.

Then, once you have everything you need, open up your pad. Don’t throw away stickers, as you’ll need these to reseal the packaging.

Put about a tablespoon of aloe vera gel onto the pad, before using double that in witch hazel.

Use a clean spoon to spread these onto your sanitary towel, before refolding it and putting it back in its packaging.

Make a batch, pop them in the freezer in a zip lock bag, then they’re ready for whenever you need them.

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How to use padsicles

You wear these like you would a normal period pad, although they’re for soothing rather than absorbency.

Change them every hour or so, and perhaps avoid putting them on straight from the freezer. You’re aiming for cooling rather than shocking, so about three minutes to thaw the pad before use will help.

Are padsicles safe?

Absolutely, as long as you don’t plan on getting creative with what you put on them.

Essential oils, for example, may smell nice and have reported healing properties, but can also be irritating – particularly on open wounds.

Speak to your midwife, nurse, GP, or another health professional if you’re not sure. Every body is different, as are their needs, so they can give you tailored advice.

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