When You Drink Dandelion Tea Every Day, This Is What Happens To Your Body

When you were little, you likely learned that dandelions are not flowers — they’re weeds. Much to your toddler chagrin, learning this information may or may not have deterred your love of the little yellow plant. But, as an adult, dandelions can now bring more health benefits than you realize.

For instance, dandelion tea can help placate that caffeine hangover that won’t go away. According to Byrdie, dandelion tea works as a coffee substitute. In fact, mixing it chicory root can create a texture that is similar to your cup of Joe, sans the caffeine jitters. Plus, it’s gluten free!

Dandelion root is often included as an ingredient in detox teas and supplements for its liver-balancing properties as well. Byrdie notes that this type of tea is loaded with vitamin A and chlorophyll, which are known for their detoxification effects. 

In addition, dandelion tea’s high antioxidant count and beta-carotene levels help protect the liver and can even aid in diet-related fat accumulation in the liver — meaning it helps prevent fatty liver disease (via Mindbodygreen).

Dandelion tea aids in reducing bloating

Digestive issues seem to be a given in the overly-stressed world we currently live in. Luckily, the detoxification properties present in dandelion tea may be an easy-to-use remedy. Widely known as a powerful diuretic, this type of tea aids in reducing fluid retention in the kidneys, according to Mindbodygreen. With high levels of potassium, this plant may also aid in soothing PMS symptoms, digestive-related bloating, and water retention.

In addition to supporting your kidneys, dandelion tea boosts gut health, Byrdie notes. Compounding the work of your probiotics, this type of tea provides fibers that aid in digestion and keep things humming along. Furthermore, the tea’s properties spur bile production within the body, getting things moving.

As always, any substance that aids in inflammation reduction is a good one to have on hand. Mindbodygreen explains that dandelion root contains phytochemicals that neutralize free radicals. Since inflammation has been linked to multiple chronic diseases and other ailments, it’s a good idea to combat it as frequently as possible. If you’re dealing with chronic stress or an old injury, having items with these medicinal properties on hand is a good idea.

Drinking dandelion tea on a daily basis may be the remedy you’ve been looking for. From your digestion, to your liver, to your caffeine addiction, this little yellow weed boasts a number of health benefits.

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