We Can't Handle These Epic Backyard Water Toys

Well, it’s not like we get to celebrate “school’s out for the summer” this year, since school has been out for…well, too long. But still, the skies are getting sunnier, so maybe it’s time to start motivating your kids to stop hitting the snooze button quite so many extra times each morning. And/or, you know, spending their days and nights glued to their iPad for hours on end under the pretense of distance learning. Finally-warm and sunny days means it’s time to give those little lazybones a hint: Summertime won’t stick around for long. And let’s be honest: Parents need to get out of the house just as much as kids do. Especially this year. So, with the help of a lot of sunshine and the coolest water toys that are guaranteed to make a backyard splash, we’ve pretty much pinpointed your recipe for summer fun in the great, wide, or at least backyard-sized, outdoors.

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