Princess Anne health fears: Royal’s heartbreaking struggle with sickness exposed

Discussing Her Majesty’s Yacht Britannia, also known as the Royal Yacht Britannia, royal experts Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito outlined some of the vessel’s most famous royal voyages on the Royally Obsessed podcast this week. The experts referred to a terrible bout of seasickness Princess Anne endured while on the famous ship.

Ms Bowie said: “So we have got Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones, Roberta, do you remember his role in The Crown?”

Ms Fiorito replied: “Yes, it’s immediately the actors who I think of!

“I don’t know if that particular scene was in The Crown, do you know?

“I know the ship, I guess they built a model for it, was in season 2.

“When Prince Philip embarks on his six-month tour of the world.”

Ms Bowie said: “But then Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips used it.

“But apparently they endured crazy storms and really spent the first week of their honeymoon completely seasick.”

And then Prince Charles and Princess Diana famously used it and so did Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.

Prince Charles and Di went around the Mediterranean and Andrew and Fergie went around the Azores.”

It comes as the Princess Royal issued a thinly veiled warning to self-obsessed younger generations fixated with social media and screens, urging them to enjoy the wonders of nature instead.

The Queen’s only daughter Princess Anne gave a rare interview to Vanity Fair magazine this week in which she opened up about her life as a senior working royal.

Commenting on the Princess Royal’s candid disclosures on ITV’s Royal Rota podcast, ITV Royal Editor Chris Ship said: “She refers to herself as a dinosaur.

“She was talking about ‘I don’t know why young people need to go on screens when there is so much to see outside’.”

Royal expert Lizzie Robinson, who was joining Mr Ship, said: “I like how she described herself as the boring fuddy-duddy at the back.

“Do not forget the basics.”

Mr Ship noted that the Princess Royal’s love of the outdoors and propensity to recycle outfits put her in a very similar position to her brother, Charles, the Prince of Wales.

He said: “There was one similarity actually, a major similarity, with her older brother, Prince Charles.

“Which is their love of recycling outfits and clothing.

“She has some outfits that she has worn since the 1980s and still wears today.

“Her brother does much the same thing, doesn’t he?”

The royal commentator added: “They were clearly taught that at a very early age.”

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