Hygiene Professor about Gastro-Opening: “The new rules are not enough”

The Restaurants in Germany are allowed to re-open. However, restaurant owners must adhere to strict requirements, which differ depending on the Federal state. A Hygiene Professor from Berlin mentioned that these are in most cases sketchy and it is not enough.

Finally, the joy of the re-opening of the gastronomy in the country to go to eat – is great. Also in the case of the innkeepers, who had to accept by the closing time of heavy losses. However, there are strict requirements for the holdings to be re-opened to clarify one thing – nothing is as it was before.

Nevertheless, the provisions in the individual Federal States are in part different. A circumstance, for the Hygiene-Professor Klaus-Dieter Zastrow from Berlin, and having no understanding. “It may in this respect be no difference – it doesn’t matter whether I have explained in Hessen or North Rhine-Westphalia, something to eat or drink,” the head of the Hygiene Institute of the Regiomed latches to FOCUS Online.

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“All catering staff must wear a mask”

So the professional who has developed, among other things, Hygiene-concepts for hospitals and large canteens denounces, that many countries, regulations only provide a mouth-nose protection for the service personnel. Whether this is enough? “No, all catering staff must wear a mask, this is especially true for the kitchen staff,” urges the Hygiene expert. This should also be replaced every couple of hours with a fresh Mouth guard.

In Bavaria, for example, only a mask is compulsory for the kitchen staff according to the regulation, if the distance rules cannot be met. Of Zastrow’s not so keen: “Coughs an Infected person in the kitchen for the food, there is a risk of contagion for guests – however, the distance rule does not help.” Because dishes that are not heated such as salads and cold dishes, could keep the Virus well.

Tables should be disinfected

That in the regulations of the countries, it is often the application of “General hygiene” is referred to, holds Zastrow also dangerous. “This is much too nonspecific, because many do not even know what that actually means in Detail,” he explains.

  • You keep Hygiene – and-distance rules in the Restaurant
  • Food cards should be sealed and disinfected or boards are
  • Make sure that your table is cleaned for you, but best of all has been disinfected
  • On the table, nothing should be for communal use, such as salt and pepper shakers and Oil and vinegar
  • Who wants to be on the safe side, should abstain from raw food
  • You sanitize your hands before eating
  • By cooked foods are safe – unless the infected Person coughs briefly before Serving on the plate
  • Also, the staff should comply with the hygiene rules and wear masks

It was not, for example, urgently needed, and that tables are only cleaned after each guest, but with a fresh cloth be disinfected. Some regulations provide for surfaces, however, a disinfection of the seat, not obvious to Zastrow. “What not to use because, we spread the Virus, Yes, with the butt”, the fact he.

Crockery and Cutlery must be rinsed at least 70 degrees

Urgently disinfection of crockery, glasses and Cutlery is necessary. “Everything that comes with the mouth of the guests, directly or indirectly, into contact must be cleaned with a disinfecting washing procedures.”

This means that dining establishments let your dishwasher be at least 70 degrees to run, and moreover, there is no normal, but a disinfecting detergent should use. “In large kitchens of hospitals, nursing homes, and industry operated for the past thirty years,” says Zastrow. In most regulations, this does not come at all.

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  • Decisive for the catering staff, the Hand sanitizer was. “A common hands is not enough to wash the hands need to be regularly disinfected,” says the expert. Because soap and warm water killed, in his view, the best case of the germs, but was not sufficient against viruses. Especially in the gastronomy, in which a proliferation risk, should for that "limited viruzide" Funds will be used. These are effective against enveloped viruses such as the Coronavirus, explains the Hygiene Professor.

    A hundred % protection, there is not

    Even if a rectification of Corona rules, according to Zastrow in many cases is badly needed, a hundred percent protection, there is not yet. In the end, guests would have to trust that Restaurants comply with all requirements for the protection of the employees and the guests meticulously.

    "Without control, the nicht", warns Zastrow. "The health offices have to regularly look over, and in the event of violations of hard durchgreifen", according to the expert.

    Anyone who wants to minimize the risk of contagion to the restaurant visit, it should if possible have a look in the kitchen whether there, too, masks are worn, recommends Zastrow. In addition, he advises to order only cooked food. "A Steak medium rare is not a Problem, but Tartar, I would not eat wollen", Zastrow explains.

    Cafes and Restaurants are rolling in Extra costs to customers, and now we are all more expensive?

    PCP Cafes and Restaurants are rolling Extra cost to the customer, and now we are all more expensive?