HIMSS Insights Special Edition – APAC digital health trendbarometer

The recently launched HIMSS Insights Special Edition – APAC digital health trendbarometer report provides readers insights on the state of digital health developments in the APAC region.

The findings are based on a survey conducted from October to December 2020 from 17 countries. The report includes insights from five healthcare technology experts on common upcoming priorities in digital health, as well as some of the recommended approaches to the adoption of technology.

“Awareness of digital technology’s value is the key success factor (of digital health innovations) in both Singapore and South Korea in my opinion. Policymakers and C-suites should always focus on the purpose of digital technology,” – Dr Hwang Hee, CIO, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, South Korea.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic which has been raging for the past year, digital health and its related technologies into the fore, with unprecedented rates of adoption in telemedicine/teleconsultation services, virtual/remote care, and accelerated measures for healthcare staff to work remotely.

In particular, IT security and data privacy is ranked as the highest priority for most of the healthcare organizations that were represented in the survey. Cybersecurity breaches such as ransomware have already plagued healthcare organizations prior to the pandemic, and these incidents have increased in intensity and frequency during the pandemic – in many instances, crippling critical infrastructure systems and compromising the integrity of patient records.

Digital health is expected to grow from strength to strength, as healthcare organizations surveyed in the report are focusing on enhancing their EHR/EMR capabilities, as well as providing more patient-centric tools for improved access to information and services. Most of the healthcare organizations also indicate an optimistic outlook on digital health innovations and investment in their respective countries.

Click here to download the executive version of the HIMSS Insights Special Edition – APAC digital health trendbarometer report.

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